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Why producers WILL NOT READ YOUR SCRIPT – shocking case study from one exec

A producer friend at a production company recently shared this email interchange with a writer. It painfully illustrates why most producers will only accept solicited submissions or via a reputable agent. Irrespective of the talent this writer may show in the future, this bridge is burned. I have redacted certain details with XXXXXX’s and of […]

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Appointing the sales agent

In the next day or so, I will be making my choice over who represents Gone Fishing for international sales and distribution. Only two companies are in the running, both have very good reputations and deals to offer, and both I like very much. We need to deal with this now as in the coming […]

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Agents calling..

Since the awards, nominations and press around Gone Fishing, I have had some serious interest from agents, both here in the UK and in Los Angeles, which is incredibly exciting. I don’t want to reveal who and what is on the table right now, this is of course a negotiation, but I thought I would […]

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