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A man in a red suit with a white mask.

How Next Generation Artists and Filmmakers Are Using AI

We are experiencing the momentum and velocity now, of the digital revolution that began in the mid nineties. As a filmmaker, the evolution of cheap DSLR cameras, desktop editing and hi res video online was the first massive breakthrough I saw, but that is close to two decades ago now. Since then, the acceleration has […]

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The cover of anthology, with a woman standing in front of a group of zombies.

Prompting Now: Join us as we build an 1970’s horror Antholgy using AI as a Muse and Accelerant

  Today we begin development of a new project. Working title: Anthology. Tag line: Prompting now. All human ideated. Artwork above, literally the first prompt from Midjourney: /imagine 1970s horror movie anthology poster –ar 16:9 (I added the text in Photoshop in 3o seconds) As a kid I fell in love with horror movies, BBC2 […]

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