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Cannes Short Film Corner Winner is…

Last week, I asked everyone who reads the blog to watch and vote for a great little animated short film called Sebastian’s Voodoo, as it was playing in the Cannes Short Film Corner (original post and film here). And I just got this email from Joaquin, the film maker… ‘It's official! We won at Cannes […]

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Going Japanese…

So it looks like I am going to Japan! I just got word from the Short Shorts film festival in Tokyo…. Here’s what they said… Hello!! Hope this finds you well. We finally would like to offer you the invitation to attend to the festival. We will offer your flight from London to Tokyo (two […]

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And the award goes to…

Watch the video before reading… No really, watch it! OK. So we won. Against stiff competition too, 20 films in all. It was a great evening which went on into the warm Bahamian night. This has been a great festival and I have been lucky enough to make lots of new American friends who I […]

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And the award goes to…

The BIFA’s came and went, and sadly, we didn’t win best short film. It was won by social realist drama ‘Soft’, about a group of hoodies terrorising a boy and his father. We didn’t shoot a video at the awards as BIFA told us, strictly no cameras! It was star studded for sure, and with […]

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We are gunna need a bigger shelf…

The Thunderclap award arrived in the post the other day, and it’s now sitting on my shelf next to the Rhode Island Award and the curious TCM White Plastic Cube Award we picked up a few weeks ago. The Kodak award is a plaque and is on my mums wall, amusing the neighbours. I just […]

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Reflecting on awards and competitions…

I have had literally hundreds of amazing emails, congratulating me on Gone Fishing and the Thunderclap awards. I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to vote, and also for asking friends and family too vote too. Collectively, YOU made the award happen! I have been mulling over something in the last few days […]

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The Turner Classic Movies Awards Ceremony

If you are having trouble watching this video, try here on Vimeo or here on YouTube. Watch the video first… No really, watch it! OK, so it’s all over. We won third prize and I am personally very happy that LEAVING, a powerful, sensitive and incredibly researched and directed film took the first prize. It […]

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Gone Fishing Nominated for a BIFA!

Great news! Were are officially nominated for Best Short Film in the British Independent Film Awards, 2008 (BIFA). This is the eleventh year they are running and the event promises to be both star studded and exciting. Gone Fishing is nominated alongside four other short films, two of which I have seen, and both of […]

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JoJo and Varmints

When I was at the Rhode Island Film Festival, on the opening night when Gone Fishing screened, there was an astonishing animated short film called ‘Varmints’. It was directed by a guy called Marc Craste and self funded. He is part of a commercial animation studio in central London called StudioAKA, and Varmints, again funded […]

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Kodak Awards Feedback and thoughts…

I am compiling this on the plane as I fly to Rhode Island… I had considered having a rant about the state of British Film and the UK film council, but I realised that many of the comments I received after the Kodak screenings and events did it much more eloquently than I could. So […]

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Kodak Awards Dust Settles…

So the dust is now settling on the Kodak Awards, and already, sights are being set on the next big event, Rhode Island, just north of New York, next Tuesday night. But for now, some reflections and thoughts on last weeks exciting events. (Pic right shows Eddie Hamilton, me, Ivan Clements and 2nd unit Dir, […]

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Gone Fishing at the Kodak Awards, 2008

STOP AND WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE BEFORE READING ON… No really, watch it first… So the night came. The games played out…. And we won. Yes we actually won the Kodak Best Short Film Award, 2008. Right now I am overwhelmed by my phone ringing, emails arriving every minute, and all sorts of new opportunities […]

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