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Is BluRay finally taking off?

Last week we received more orders for Gone Fishing on BluRay than we had in all the moths since it was released (and I just put them all in mailers today – see pic)! About half were from the USA, and the others from the UK. Could this signify that BluRay has finally got a […]

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Gone Fishing BluRay completed

Today I went back to Abbey Road studios to meet up with Richard Osborne (pictured here) who was good enough to take on making the BluRay of Gone Fishing for us. Because of the Beetles famous cover album, photographed on the zebra crossing just outside, the studio entrance is always crammed with tourists. It’s quite […]

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Mastering new BluRay at Abbey Road Studios

I just had a strange experience. I set up a meeting with BluRay guru Richard Osborne at Abbey Road Studios and tubed over – I hadn’t realised just what a Mecca that zebra crossing outside the building is to Beatles fans and tourists. I had to fight my way past giggling groups of Japanese women […]

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Gone Fishing on BluRay at Mr Youngs

I went to My Youngs screening rooms yesterday (aka The Soho Screening Rooms on D’Arbly Street, W1), to test the BluRay disk I made in Adobe Encore. One of the problems we have right now is that to screen Gone Fishing in all its HD splendour and full uncompressed audio means hiring in expensive HDCamSR […]

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Final Mix Tweaked and Complete!

Last night I went back to work on the final mix for Gone Fishing at Videosonics. There were two aspects to what we were doing. First off, there were three small creative changes to the sound mix, things I picked up while viewing the film outside of the studio environment. We changed two and left […]

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And in fact, proof of workflow too! Yes tonight, I burnt my very first BluRay test disk of a clip from ‘Gone Fishing’ – AND IT WORKED…! PROPELLOR HEAD ALERT! READ ONLY IF YOU ARE A GEEK LIKE ME! I can report that the high definition does in fact make a HUGE difference when viewed […]

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HD Sound Encoding

I am now working out how to make an HD DVD or BluRay disk for Gone Fishing, so I can show it on courses and at home in HD – and also, send it off to festivals (if they start to move in the ‘domestic HD delivery format’ direction). While the difference between DVD and […]

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The HD Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper…

One of the reasons I went for HD DVD over BluRay was that I knew that it was much closer to DVD than BluRay is, on a purely technical and mastering level. After doing some poking around, I discovered something rather cool – it’s possible to master an HD DVD onto a normal DVD. This […]

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HD DVD acid test

A few days ago I took delivery of a Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player so that I can get my head around HD in the home. I have a projector that I use on my courses, and it’s quite new, claiming to handle up to 1080P full HD. The projector, a Panasonic one, was quite […]

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Gone Fishing Mastering – BluRay or HD DVD?

Sorry for my recent absence – I had a minor and scheduled operation – nothing serious, and that knocked me out of circulation for a while. Anyway… One of the things I decided I would do with ‘Gone Fishing’ is to go through the whole consumer HD process – that is, as well as making […]

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