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A person holding a camera on a tripod.

Everything you need to make a feature film for cinema release

Having post produced ‘50 Kisses’, seen it through DCP production and finally premiered in a world class theatre, it’s now 100% apparent to me that we have, within reach, EVERY SINGLE TOOL NEEDED to make a movie (as an example, ‘Neil’ above was shot on a 5D and is part of ’50 Kisses’). Of course […]

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Black and white photo of a man with a camera on a tripod.

Is Film Dead…? Part 2

Last week I posted about the camera tests run by Zacuto that I was asked to comment on, and how from my perspective, and certainly for indie film makers, shooting on film opposed to digital) looks like it has had its day. You can read that post here (and watch the fascinating video). The picture […]

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PGA Conference, The Digital Camera Roundup…

Great news! We just found out that we won both Best Short Film and Best Actor (for Bill Paterson) and the Staten Island, New York Film Festival. That, along with the PGA Award from last Sunday night, takes us past 30 international awards. Wow! So I promised I would do a round up of the […]

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It's 5.51 am…

I spent yesterday driving a van around London collecting camera kit and lights – I love that moment when normal life ends and you step into the world of movies – that for me was yesterday when I collected the van. Cameraman Steve Brooke Smith camera along for the ride, and thank god he did […]

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