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Negotiation Skills For Producers

What’s the secret to negotiation? Relationships. This was one of the key messages delivered by negotiation guru Linda Potgieter at her event on Friday night, and part of our Producers Masterclass. Nearly 200 filmmakers and producers took part in her interactive workshop, and engaged in deal making exercises, the results of which were quite eye […]

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The secret illustrated directory of cheap big name stars for your movie

Do you want to know how to get big name stars in your movie? Producer Stephen Follows will share with you his cheeky sneaky tactic to get named actors to consider your project… And that’s just one of eight tips, tricks, tactics and strategies in this short Practical Producer video seminar. If you want to […]

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I just have to share this extraordinary feedback about one film makers decision to go for it…

Note – this is the introduction video to the workshop (clip from the actual course below) REDUCED FROM £69.99 to £37.99 – SIGN UP HERE!  The ‘Gone Fishing’ online Workshop is still on sale, reduced from £69.99 to just £37.99. Loads of film makers signed up after Christmas, to grab this bargain and to energize […]

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A Masterclass In Microbudget Film Making – Interview with ‘Paranormal Activity’ writer and director Oren Peli

Looking back at Paranormal Activity, the poster boy for microbudget filmmaking, what can we learn without just saying ‘it’s like Paranormal Activity’ and will be as successful (which I hear all too often)? First off, I have to say just how impressed I am with the film. Oren Peli managed to keep up pace, tension […]

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Free HD Masterlcass with Eddie Hamilton

So a few days ago we shared a superb video interview with Chris Vogler of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ – if you missed it, you can catch it here. This was a way to entice all our current blog readers and email newsgroup to migrate from our old and clunky newsgroup service to our all new […]

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Know your audience… Part 2

Following on from yesterdays blog about writing a screenplay, but writing with a deep and intimate understating of ‘who the audience is…’ Let’s go one step further. Seth Godins excellent Ted presentation here really nails it. If you haven’t watched it, you should do so now as he speaks about building ‘tribes’ with great insight. […]

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Script to Screen Workshop Videoblog, 'Dead Wood' and 'Shifty'

 NEW – Watch this video on iPhone or other mobile device by clicking here  Over the last few weeks we have held two separate ‘Script To Screen’ events, one for zero budget horror ‘Dead Wood’ and one for the hundred grand Microwave feature ‘Shifty’. Both events were very different, were very well attended/received, and ended […]

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BAFTA nominated ‘Shifty’, a Guerilla Film Makers Script To Screen presentation with writer and director Eran Creevy

BAFTA nominated ‘Shifty’, a Guerilla Film Makers Script To Screen presentation with writer and director Eran Creevy

Date:   Sunday March 28th. Time:  12.00pm Place: Odeon Panton Street, London.  (Seating is limited) Tickets £19 (plus booking fee and inc VAT) Meet Eran Creevy, one of this years BAFTA nominated film makers, for ‘Shifty’ (in the category of best first feature). We interviewed him for the new ‘Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook’, and were […]

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CANNES 2010 – Come with us on your first trip to the Cannes Film Festival and Market!

Every serious film maker, writer, investor, actor, agent and distributor will be in one square mile of the French Riviera this May. YOU NEED TO BE THERE TOO! Welcome to a unique two part workshop, the first in London (or online), the second IN CANNES on the day of your arrival! Yes, we will meet […]

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