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Do You Know How To Release A Feature Film Theatrically In the UK? Special Screening of EXAM and workshop on Sunday at the Odeon, Panton Street, Leicester Sq.

Come along to this special screening of ‘EXAM’ on Sunday January 10th at 2.15pm, Odeon Panton Street, Leicester Square where we first screen the movie, then the film makers reveal just how they made this low budget Brit psycho-thriller, got it into theatres and ended up with four star reviews from both ‘Total Film’ and […]

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Amazing Email from LA…

I wanted to share an extraordinary email I just got, all the way from LA… I just wanted to send you a quick email about my experience with the Gone Fishing Online Seminar. I was quite literally stunned by not just the amount of information in the seminar but by the outstanding quality. As a […]

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'Shooting For Success…'

I am putting together a fascinating workshop for the corporate sector, about using video webisodes as a way to promote your business and brand. I was asked to do it by Actix, who had previously sponsored Gone Fishing. They had seen the extraordinary responses I had been getting from the webisodes at the festivals and […]

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Sales Delivery Workshop Is Nearly Ready

I have spent the last day putting together a one day seminar about film sales, and specifically how to make final delivery to a sales agent or distributor. I have sat in on several sales meetings recently and have been surprised at how much stuff these guys need or want, and also how technical it […]

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Final 2 hours added to Online Masterclass, with many extra hours of bonus material added, including Alex Fazeli!

When I was in LA, I met with film maker Alex Fazeli, shot an interview, and I wrote about it on the blog at the time. His interview is a bonus feature of the now, 14 hour Guerilla Masterclass: Making The World Class Short Film, that is delivered totally online. His interview is about his […]

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Making YOUR First Oscar Contender!

No other film award creates careers overnight like an Academy Award… As you may know, some time ago we set out to make an Oscar contender with our 35mm film ‘Gone Fishing’… Last December we got the email from Academy to let us know we were in the official shortlist of ten movies, and the […]

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