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Failing to plan is planning to fail… Film making success lies in pre-production

I am spending the weekend building and updating my presentation for The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass on June 4th and 5th. (90% sold out now, so don’t wait if you want to come, and use the discount code CHRISJONESBLOG to get it for £60, reduced from £119.00 – go here And I wanted to […]

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Rocketboy development…

I am starting back on Rocketboy now, and today I had a really productive meeting with Ramon Woolfe, from Remark! Ramon is a Deaf film maker and we met to discuss, among other things, his possible involvement in Rocketboy. The central core of the story in Rocketboy is first love, between 16 year old rocket […]

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Credit where credit is due…

I wanted to take a moment to just acknowledge a few people involved in Gone Fishing, sometimes in a slightly lateral way. Johnny Newman, a director friend of mine, encouraged me to make a short after he made his own short called Foster, which also played at Rhode Island! Johnny also encouraged me to enter […]

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The Posters Are Finally Sent Out!

Finally, the postal tubes for the posters arrived – at the same time as the newest member of Team Living Spirit. Catherine Balavage, pictured here, started today. Hoorah! After being asked why she thought it was a good idea to get cramped into a tiny, overheated, noisy office, her answer was simple… ‘I wanted to […]

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The Final Word…

Over the last few days I have received over 100 congratulatory emails. Thank you to everyone who wrote, it was touching, and also great for other cast and crew members to hear just how much you appreciated the design, costumes, makeup, image, music, sound… I don’t have space for them all, so here are a […]

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Compiling Titles

I have been collating the titles for the end crawler. This presents a number of practical problems. First off is just how do you format it so that you can easily use it in other programs once all typed out in MS Word? The big thing is to NEVER use tabs. Just write the test […]

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Announcing some cast and crew!

OK, it’s time we started to reveal who some of our talented cast and crew are going to be… First off, I am more than delighted to announce that seasoned DP, no British LEGEND, Vernon Layton, will be shooting ‘Gone Fishing’. This is awesome news as Vernon truly is an artist. Among many others Vernon […]

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Sound Recordist, Killer Pike and Killer Bunnies!

Great news today. Experienced sound recordist Adrian Bell has agreed to record sound on ‘Gone Fishing’. This is particularly good news for me as Adrian recorded sound on my first feature film, ‘The Runner’, the movie that inspired ‘The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook’! So terrific! Adrians website is here. He will be using hard drive […]

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Stunt Co-ordinator gets onboard

As many of you may know, stunt co-ordinator Terry Forrestal was a key element to us getting started here at Living Sprit. In the very early days of The Runner, he was an industry professional who was instrumental in giving us credibility. He also added huge production value by doing amazing stunts and bringing in […]

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