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Three girls playing guitars in a field with mountains in the background.

The four principles every creative needs to use when asking for help for their project: What we can learn from three Mexican schoolkids playing heavy metal

Over the weekend, three girls from Mexico went viral with a cover of classic metal anthem ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. And these three girls, Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra, simply SLAYED IT! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch above So what can we take away from this success and apply to our own projects and […]

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The man pushes down the tower of cubes with the word Taxes on the figure of the house

Are you breaking the law by running a Crowdfunding campaign and not declaring your income?

So you run a crowdfunding campaign, get some cash in to make your film… only you don’t declare it as income. And three years later HMRC slam you for tax evasion. Slaps on the wrist, interest charges, fines both small and big… and it’s even possible there could be a custodial sentence… Seriously, if they […]

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A camera is sitting on a table in a room.

Amanda Palmer and her TED talk on Crowdfunding, ‘The Art of Asking’

We recently held the London Doc Summit, which aside from some technical hitches, was a resounding success. One video I wanted to share with you is this excellent TED talk on Crowdfunding, that was brought to my attention by Janey Stephenson (@vegetarianjelly), one of our wonderful delegates. It’s really worth a watch. Onwards and upwards! […]

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A woman sitting on a chair in front of a television set.

Crowdfunding on BBC news

I was part of a crowdfunding article on BBC news last night – interesting that the mainstream media are taking more and more notice of these new ways we can get financed. Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My movies My Facebook My Twitter @LivingSpiritPix Sign up to my mailing list for updates on […]

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A man standing in front of a large group of people.

The Popcorn Test, crowdfunding team out of The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass Guest blog by Justin Tagg. Filmmaking is not about I. It’s about we. Maybe that WE is the crew you surround yourself with. Maybe it’s the characters in your story or maybe it’s the friends that support you when the going gets tough and celebrate with you when you make it BIG. Maybe […]

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A black and white photo of a woman in a leather jacket.

CrowdFunding 101, ‘The Urn’

‘Urn’ is a short film being made by a team of film makers who met at the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass last year, headed up by actress, and now producer, Francesca De Luca… Their IndieGoGo campaign ends in the next few days and I asked her to share what she has learned on her crowdfudning […]

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