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Three girls playing guitars in a field with mountains in the background.

The four principles every creative needs to use when asking for help for their project: What we can learn from three Mexican schoolkids playing heavy metal

Over the weekend, three girls from Mexico went viral with a cover of classic metal anthem ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. And these three girls, Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra, simply SLAYED IT! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch above So what can we take away from this success and apply to our own projects and […]

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Crowdsourcing and the currency of generosity

Guest blog by Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing There is a lot of buzz around crowdfunding at the moment and whilst this is a great way to get projects off the ground we thought we would offer some thoughts and tips on an alternative, or perhaps complementary approach to crowdfunding – crowdsourcing. Nothing we suggest […]

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