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Two vhs tapes sitting next to each other.

Is your film in danger of being lost forever? You may say no, but give it a decade and technological revolution…

Five years ago I was invited to speak to the European heads of Kodak, about why so many filmmakers were switching to digital, and how Kodak could develop new business. Editor friend Eddie Hamilton joined me and he presented Kodak with what I thought was an inspired idea. Kodak should become the gold standard in […]

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A movie theater with a bright light shining on the seats.

50 Kisses: How to make a DCP part 2

I have just returned from a visit to the office of the lovely people at SDC who are making the DCP for 50 Kisses. I know a great deal more about the process of making one now and plan an extensive blog on the matter post 50 Kisses premiere (as it is so essential for […]

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