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A pile of cds and dvds on the floor.

Sayonara DVD

The day has finally come for me to say goodbye to DVD. In the mid nineties, I recall car booting all my entire and beloved vinyl collection as I shifted up to CD. Then five years ago I digitised all my CDs to MP3 and stored the old disks in wallets in the loft. Now […]

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Gone Fishing DVD comments

I have been getting feedback from people who have bought the DVD, on the movie and the whole package, and I thought I would share some of them with you… Remember, if you want your own copy in PAL or NTSC, you can still buy it here…  And if you are new to the blog, […]

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Christmas Push for Gone Fishing

I am attempting to get the Gone Fishing DVD out there for Christmas and have set the INCREDIBLE target of selling 1,000 DVDs! This will fund the final Oscar push in January. I just emailed out to my user group, but if you read this, please consider sending it out to everyone you know too. […]

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Subtitles for Festivals

I have been working on festival plans today, and specifically on the world premiere. Cannes is looming and it would be great to get into competition there and give them the world premiere. I have been reliably informed that if we have already done French subtitles, that will work in our favour – and so […]

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Final DVD – death and resurrection!

I had just about mastered the final DVD’s for Gone Fishing, in both PAL and NTSC, with both Dolby Digital and DTS sound, with perfect picture (even the NTSC thanks to a great system trascoder called Canopus Procoder 3)… And then I got the dreaded email. We had missed a person off the credits. And […]

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PAL DVD of Gone Fishing Complete

Yesterday I completed the PAL DVD for ‘Gone Fishing’. This DVD is for showing to festival co-ordinators and people who may be interested in the new features I am writing. For now, it won’t be available to anyone else, not even my family! (as I explained on the blog before, we need to keep tight […]

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The HD Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper…

One of the reasons I went for HD DVD over BluRay was that I knew that it was much closer to DVD than BluRay is, on a purely technical and mastering level. After doing some poking around, I discovered something rather cool – it’s possible to master an HD DVD onto a normal DVD. This […]

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First stab at the DVD cover…

I have spent the day designing the first DVD cover for ‘Gone Fishing’. This is very different to a feature cover in one major way – it will never act as a POINT OF SALE for a buyer. The only people who will get the DVD will either be given it, or come across it […]

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