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How To Write For Hollywood And Live In The UK: Podcast with Stuart Hazeldine

With Stuart Hazeldine After trawling my archives, I discovered this cracking recording I made with screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine about working in LA, but living in the UK. It was held at Ealing Studios in 2009, just before his first feature film EXAM went into production. He candidly shared his experiences giving detailed roadmaps you can […]

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Oscar winning Producer Gareth Unwin and Oscar winning writer David Seidler: The Kings Speech One Hour Masterclass

 In life I find we come to believe that there is a certain and fixed way that things are done. A prescribed way to success. Sure there are deviations and back doors, but fundamentally, there is set process and track to take. After ‘The Kings Speech’ has taken over a half a billion dollars, and […]

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EXAM, released in the UK on DVD and BluRay…

Finally, EXAM hits the high streets (Monday June 7th)… If you missed it earlier this year, EXAM is a film I helped produce, and it’s directed by the super talented Stuart Hazeldine. Here’s a synopsis… Eight strangers prepare to sit a test together, competing for a top-secret, high-level position. As this tense, claustrophobic mystery unfolds, […]

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Late last week I found out that EXAM has been nominated for a BAFTA!  WOW! Writer and director Stuart Hazeldine, who was gracious enough to share all his knowledge and experiences while making EXAM at our special screening last week, was nominated for the Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director Or Producer award. You […]

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Empire reviews and feature are in for EXAM… and it’s a Pass With Distinction… and your last chance to get tickets for special film makers autopsy on Sunday afternoon

EXAM is officially released in cinemas today, and in case you have skipped the blog for the last week, let’s recap – we have a REALLY exciting event on Sunday afternoon (10th Jan), at the Odeon, Panton St, Central London at 2.15.  The movie will be screened, not off 35mm as I had first thought, […]

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Read The Script, Watch The Movie, Meet The Film Makers… £14 for a Low Budget Movie Masterclass

 READ BELOW BEFORE WATCHING THE CLIP  OK we have come up with something VERY VERY cool for film makers. EXAM screening, with SCREENPLAY and extended film makers autopsy with the writer, director and composer – VENUE Odeon, Panton St, off Leicester Sq., London, 2.15pm Writer and director of EXAM, Stuart Hazeldine, has been kind enough […]

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Do You Know How To Release A Feature Film Theatrically In the UK? Special Screening of EXAM and workshop on Sunday at the Odeon, Panton Street, Leicester Sq.

Come along to this special screening of ‘EXAM’ on Sunday January 10th at 2.15pm, Odeon Panton Street, Leicester Square where we first screen the movie, then the film makers reveal just how they made this low budget Brit psycho-thriller, got it into theatres and ended up with four star reviews from both ‘Total Film’ and […]

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EXAM trailer goes live…

A few days ago, Empire magazine in the UK premiered the trailer for EXAM, a feature film I Associate Produced last year. Almost immediately it was ripped and is now on youtube and a host of other video sites. It will be released in cinemas early next year. Here is what Empire said… We’ve been […]

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EXAM passes at Edinburgh

Last year, film maker friend and writer, Stuart Hazeldine, made his debut feature. You may recall he was good enough to come and speak to us all at the studios, about his experiences in Hollywood as a writer (recently, he wrote Knowing with Nic Cage) – you can listen to the podcast here.  So his […]

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EXAM gets its world premiere!

Last year I held an evening seminar with Stuart Hazeldine, UK screenwriter and now director. He has been very busy in the last 12 months with 2 films that he co-wrote being released, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ and ‘Knowing’. At the time of the seminar, Stuart was in prep for his first feature […]

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