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And it was all going so well… Or was it? Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Creatives… Are you operating in a Red Sea or a Blue Sea?

The last three years have been brutal for me. As I know they have for so many others too. I am not unique in this regard. While smarter people may have chosen to allow their companies to go under during the pandemic, I chose to fight through bankruptcy and have emerged from the other side. […]

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How I Cast Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley and Jack Davenport in my fantasy short, Guest Blog by Hugh Hancock

Why You Should Consider Virtual Filmmaking For Your Next Project Guest blog post by Hugh Hancock, filmmaker and author of Machinima for Dummies Everyone knows that it’s impossible for micro-budget filmmakers to make a CGI animated movie, right? It’s horrendously expensive. It’s brutally slow – hours of rendering for every frame. It’s so technical that […]

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‘Spaced’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim’… Edgar Wright at the London Screenwriters’ Festival ‘Spaced’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim’… Edgar Wright at the London Screenwriters’ Festival! At the eleventh hour, Edgar agreed to join us at the festival and delivered an inspiring session to a crammed cinema of screenwriters and film makers. Please remember to add your comments on the interview below. If […]

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How to communicate to get what you want, top strategies and pitfalls to avoid

As a film maker I am in the business of communication. It is the cornerstone of my business. Communicating big ideas with the world. Communicating stories with financiers, backers, actors, producers and broadcasters. And communicating with my community, sharing my journey and sometimes asking for help. As I write this I am downloading 79 emails. […]

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What REALLY makes a film maker successful? One simple strategy…

Being in a room with 370 energised, passionate and determined film makers for a whole weekend is something that inevitably creates an electric atmosphere of possibilities. And while many of the film makers present have been thanking me for their own experience and breakthroughs at the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass, I have been reflecting on […]

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ScAmazon Studios

ScAmazon Studios?

So much has been blogged, ranted and hyperbole-ed over the past week or so after Amazon announced its big new idea, Amazon Studios. Many eloquent people, not least John August, have added to the debate, so I will try to avoid what has been said before. And I will keep it short too as we […]

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First Fests of 2009 Announced!

Sara has been busy submitting to festivals and we have had a huge response from certain groups. Broadly speaking, we have been unsuccessful in the UK and Europe, and very successful in the USA, especially California. We in fact have a nexus of festivals culminating in three, yes THREE award ceremonies in Arizona and LA […]

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Mail out to contributors

I have just mailed out to the Seminar and Premiere guests for Gone Fishing… We still have some places left so if you want to come, click here… You can read more about this course here too… Welcome to the Gone Fishing Premiere and Seminar, January 12th, 2007 at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly (map and directions […]

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