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Watch the short film that catapulted director of Blade Runner 2, Denis Villeneuve, to the big time

In 2009 I was doing the festival circuit with my short film Gone Fishing. When touring festivals you start to see the same films and filmmakers pop up around you. And this film, ‘Next Floor’ by Denis Villeneuve, was one film I saw repeatedly. Sometimes Gone Fishing beat it, other times it didn’t. It’s an […]

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What’s the secret to getting through a huge script on limited resources?

‘If you are going through hell, keep going…’ That’s what Winston Churchill said at any rate. And hell is what I was going through last Tuesday. Not because of a catastrophe on set or difficult actors, or even a crew that was making mistakes. On the contrary, everyone both in front on the camera and […]

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The Top FIVE Steps To Getting Your Film Funded

Attracting money ALWAYS begins with the question… WHY? Why on earth should I give YOU money as opposed to buying a car, building a patio, going on holiday, funding some inner city kids dancing project, investing in stocks and shares etc… you get the picture. And yet SO MANY film makers, myself included, rarely address […]

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Why Does Anyone NEED To Watch Your Film? DynamoPlayer After One Week… Thoughts, opinions and feedback…

So Gone Fishing has been available for one week on DynamoPlayer (click on stats image to the right for a bigger view). I thought I would share some of the comments that I have received via blog, email and other sites. On my blog and after the first post on Dynamoplayer last Monday, Mike Barnes […]

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More Important than YouTube, Canon 5D MkII and Vimeo..? Get Ready For A Film Makers GAMECHANGER in 2011…

Go on, Click the Play Button above… isn’t that a Game Changer? The last two years have seen more change in Indie film than ever before. There have been THREE major developments, First, the DSLR revolution and the Canon 5D MkII. This put high quality, low cost cameras into the hands of film makers. That […]

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I just have to share this extraordinary feedback about one film makers decision to go for it…

Note – this is the introduction video to the workshop (clip from the actual course below) REDUCED FROM £69.99 to £37.99 – SIGN UP HERE!  The ‘Gone Fishing’ online Workshop is still on sale, reduced from £69.99 to just £37.99. Loads of film makers signed up after Christmas, to grab this bargain and to energize […]

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Kickstarter campaign support for G'Fisher Kerry Finlayson… She needs your help!

During the making of Gone Fishing, I made lots of new friends during production and also on the festival circuit. One person spanned both, British actress Kerry Finlayson who is also jobbing it in Los Angeles. She quickly became our LA correspondent for Gone Fishing, collecting prints from FedEx and delivering to the Oscars guys, […]

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So apparently I am both an Oscar nominated director and Sir Michael Grade agrees with my views on the British Film Industry!

So apparently I am both an Oscar nominated director and Sir Michael Grade agrees with my views on the British Film Industry. All beamed out to millions of viewers this morning on Sky News. Very entertaining! I did the interview yesterday literally at a moments notice (to be clear, I was in fact Oscars shortlisted […]

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Gone Fishing NOW ON iTunes!

Following the success of Gone Fishing on Channel 4 just a few weeks ago… I am delighted to announce that ‘Gone Fishing’, Britain’s ONLY 2009 Oscars Shortlisted Short Film is now available to buy and own in HD on iTunes! HOW COOL IS THAT! It’s taken an age to persuade the iTunes Gods to take […]

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Gone Fishing is playing on Channel 4 in the UK on Tuesday June 1st at Midday, supporting the Hitchcock classic ‘North By Northwest’

Fantastic news! Channel 4 is showing ‘Gone Fishing’ on Tuesday 1st June, at midday, just before the Hitchcock classic ‘North By Northwest’. Amazingly, this is also the first short film that Channel 4 has bought in close to a decade, so it’s a real landmark for both ourselves and Network Ireland who closed the deal […]

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