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It was like Ground Hog Day all over again… Only with bigger teeth!

Gone Fishing played at the Prince Charles in Leicester Square twice this weekend, Friday supporting ‘Jaws’, and Saturday supporting ‘The Shark Still Works’, an awesome feature length doc about ‘Jaws’, and the legacy it has left (my original post here where you can watch the trailer). This was part of The United Film Festival, which […]

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BluRay in the post

Is BluRay finally taking off?

Last week we received more orders for Gone Fishing on BluRay than we had in all the moths since it was released (and I just put them all in mailers today – see pic)! About half were from the USA, and the others from the UK. Could this signify that BluRay has finally got a […]

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Gone Fishing wins SCFF in Tennessee, USA!

A quick update before the TV premiere of Urban Ghost Story tonight, BBC1 just after midnight… We just got word that last weekend, ‘Gone Fishing’ won the Secret City Film Festival 2009 in Tennessee USA. Fantastic! That makes, er… thirty something wins now! (there is a complete list on our press website here) Onwards and […]

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Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival

Gone Fishing Festival Update

The last few weeks have been quite intense from a festival view, and we have been accepted into a bunch of VERY exciting events.  Probably the most exciting is the Roshd International film festival in Tehran, Iran – the oldest film festival in the region and has been running since the sixties. We are actually […]

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Gone Fishing Film Festival Final Analysis and Data (well nearly final...) Download Film Festival Spreadsheet.

Gone Fishing Film Festival Final Analysis and Data (well nearly final…) Download Film Festival Spreadsheet.

How did my short film Gone Fishing actually perform, and download the spreadsheet to use on your film You can see from the rough ratios from the chart here – ‘Win’ means a festival we attended and collected award(s), ‘Loose’ means we attended but did not win an award (though around 15% of these are […]

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Inspiration for Gone Fishing

When I am at film festivals, I am often asked what was the inspiration for ‘Gone Fishing’. There are lot’s of different answers to that question, but one big component was the death of my father a year or so before we made the film. While the story of ‘Gone Fishing’ is not directly about […]

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The Devil Is In The Detail…

For the last few days I have been hunkered down, going through endless Sales and Distribution delivery contracts for the Delivering Your Film to The Sales Agent workshop this weekend. It’s been a mammoth task, unravelling ALL the DETAIL from the reams of documents and contracts I have been sifting through… and as we all […]

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Going Japanese…

So it looks like I am going to Japan! I just got word from the Short Shorts film festival in Tokyo…. Here’s what they said… Hello!! Hope this finds you well. We finally would like to offer you the invitation to attend to the festival. We will offer your flight from London to Tokyo (two […]

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