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Grading The Impact with DaVinci Resolve

Last week we began the final grade for The Impact. This is where we adjust colours, contrast and even add subtle visual effects like shadows or flares, to polish the look of all the films. Aside from the obvious creative element we can address, the grading also helps make the films all look like they […]

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Viewing the first 35mm print

I have just returned from the very first 35mm screening of Gone Fishing – EVER! Even though we shot 35mm, we scanned and post produced digitally, and even premiered digitally. But to get the film out to the ‘world film festival circuit’, we needed a 35mm print. Mitch Mitchell at Cinesite stepped in and did […]

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More Creative Issues…

Six days to go…(blimey) And still the film is not complete! I spent this morning back at Midnight Transfer, completing the picture grade. Editor Eddie Hamilton came in to take a look and some very minor tweaks were made – one frame here, two frames there, shaved of shots – mainly because we could see […]

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Prepping the premiere!

The last couple of days have been spent organising the premiere. The tickets have arrived from the printers, and they look great! Steph Wrate, who also worked in the production team on ‘Gone Fishing’, has been calling everyone to make sure they are coming. I have been working primarily on the Masterclass that will be […]

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Picture Grading… The Final Day…

We completed the grade on Friday, but it’s got to today to update the blog, Christmas day (!), as I left the grade and immediately fell ill with food poisoning! So no celebrations for me this year. The grade went well. Extremely well in fact. Everyone is delighted with the outcome. However, there are  few […]

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Grading – The First Day…

I spent today at Midnight Transfer, with senior colourist John Claude, and ‘Gone Fishing’ DP, Vernon Layton, conforming the movie and colour grading it. During the day we had a few visitors, other director and producer friends of mine, and some of the GF contributors – and everyone commented ‘Wow! It looks amazing!’ The first […]

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