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Report from the End Of The Pier…

Last Saturday, I was at my girlfiends sisters wedding, video camera in hand, dutifully making the wedding video for the family (the curse of being the film maker in the family!), which meant I was unable to attend the End Of the Pier Film Festival Awards, and so I asked Cathy Arton, our casting director, […]

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Postcard from Guest Blogger Cathy Arton, Casting Director repping Gone Fishing at the ONFilm Festival, Virginia!

FROM GUEST BLOGER, Catherine Arton, Casting Director for Gone Fishing While Chris was at The Heart Of Gold film festival in Gympie, Queensland, I am at a film festival with a lot of heart!  On Wednesday 18th of March I get an email from Chris, telling me that we have been selected to be in […]

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Film makers sharing…

I wanted to share two particularly poignant emails I have received, both from professional film makers who have suffered personal loss. The first email is from an Irish Director, Paul Brady, who saw Gone Fishing last week and felt compelled to contact me. Second is from our old friend and Gone Fishing Associate Producer, Simon […]

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