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Makining HDCam Downconvert tapes

I spent most of yesterday working with an editor friend of mine, Laura Kettle, in a large post production facility in West London. We had a number of jobs to do on ‘Gone Fishing’, first of which, was re-laying the newly mixed soundtrack onto 2 HDCamSR tapes. After some messing around we managed this fairly […]

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It’s a disaster… but not for us. My good friend and director, Johnny Newman, shot a film (At Home With The Finkels) late last year using the Viper Camera – a high end HD format that records data to drives and not to tape (or obviously film). That means there is no tape or film […]

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HD Sound Encoding

I am now working out how to make an HD DVD or BluRay disk for Gone Fishing, so I can show it on courses and at home in HD – and also, send it off to festivals (if they start to move in the ‘domestic HD delivery format’ direction). While the difference between DVD and […]

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The HD Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper…

One of the reasons I went for HD DVD over BluRay was that I knew that it was much closer to DVD than BluRay is, on a purely technical and mastering level. After doing some poking around, I discovered something rather cool – it’s possible to master an HD DVD onto a normal DVD. This […]

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Bringing it all together…

I have been frantically dashing around, making sure everything is ready for the final picture conform / picture grade tomorrow at Midnight Transfer. Thankfully I have been pretty organised through the whole process, so while it’s a long haul, so far there have been very few unforeseen hitches. Let’s hope it stays that way. (pictured […]

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HD DVD acid test

A few days ago I took delivery of a Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player so that I can get my head around HD in the home. I have a projector that I use on my courses, and it’s quite new, claiming to handle up to 1080P full HD. The projector, a Panasonic one, was quite […]

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Summer Scars, DVCProHD Feature In Post…

I am just helping a good friend of mine complete his fourth feature film, Summer Scars, shot on DVCProHD Vericam. It looks terrific and it’s now a very tight drama, but two things have resonated while working through these final technical stages. First, Julian, the director, has worked his way through three editors in order […]

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