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And it was all going so well… Or was it? Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Creatives… Are you operating in a Red Sea or a Blue Sea?

The last three years have been brutal for me. As I know they have for so many others too. I am not unique in this regard. While smarter people may have chosen to allow their companies to go under during the pandemic, I chose to fight through bankruptcy and have emerged from the other side. […]

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Christopher Vogler and The Hero’s Journey… The Outline, Archetypes and Mythical Memo

I thought I would share some detailed insight into the heros journey… plus the mythical memo he wrote while at Disney and the interview I did with him. Download Chris Voglers original memo here. The Mythical Memo Chris+Vogler+memo.pdf DOWNLOAD As taken from Voglers site, more info here. The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative… […]

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Listen to Joseph Campbell Lectures: The Power of Myth and Storytelling online and free

Anyone who has seen me speak at the London Screenwriters’ Festival or come to the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass will know that I hold in high regard the ‘heros journey’ story model. It was first and most comprehensively written about by Joseph Campbell (and famously plundered by George Lucas with Star Wars). Many story models are […]

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