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How To Write For Hollywood And Live In The UK: Podcast with Stuart Hazeldine

With Stuart Hazeldine After trawling my archives, I discovered this cracking recording I made with screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine about working in LA, but living in the UK. It was held at Ealing Studios in 2009, just before his first feature film EXAM went into production. He candidly shared his experiences giving detailed roadmaps you can […]

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Get a ton of filmmaking tips, tricks and articles every day

For eight years now I have been writing articles on my blog to help filmmakers. Some great pieces are buried on there, months and years in the back history of the articles. And so I have begun pulling them out and tweeting them every day. So if you want to get them daily, just follow […]

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How to get an 01 Visa to work in Hollywood

Earlier this week I recorded a podcast with attorney Joe Adams and Brit TV presenter (now US based) James McCourt about how Brits can make the leap to LA LA Land and launch a successful career in California. . If you are considering Hollywood as a destination for your career, this is a MUST listen […]

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12 ways to rewrite your British written spec script so it sells in Hollywood

The new Guerilla Filmmakers ‘Breaking Into Hollywood Pocketbook’ is now selling well via our site here ( (in both hardcopy AND ePub / PDF, as well as Kindle here. I have had several requests for information about sending a spec script to LA, and so I asked Gen her opinion on what trips up a […]

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Swinging With The Finkels

‘Swinging With The Finkels’, Inspirational Script to Screen with Jonathan Newman

  Watch the short film and read the feature script now… (plus get access to extra drafts and production paperwork like schedule and breakdowns) Then on Saturday June 18th, at the Apollo Cinema, watch the movie (on the weekend of its 200 screen release), followed by a 2 hour seminar with Writer/Director Jonathan Newman. Finally, […]

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Kings Speech

How can you go from being a struggling film maker and writer all the way to the Oscars and BAFTA's? Meet Gareth, he just did it!

FREE EVENT FOR London Screenwriters Festival 2011 delegates and The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass delegates. Only a few years ago, Gareth Unwin was a struggling film maker, working on low budget films and shorts as a first assistant director. And on Feb 27th, he picked up the Oscar for Best Film, as producer of ‘The […]

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Film Courage

Film Courage with David Branin and Karen interviews Chris Jones on their live show for The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook… and robust conversations followed!

Last Sunday I was a guest on Hollywood based radio show, Film Courage, with David Branin and Karen Worden. I Skyped in for the interview and we enjoyed a full hour of robust film chatter! You can listen to that show here on my blog (using player below). Their show is a terrific and inspiring […]

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Chris Nolan2

Exclusive Interview with Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas from our Guerilla Film Makers Archives

For those of you who haven’t ever seen it, we interviewed Chris Nolan and his wife Emma, in the second edition of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook, after he had made ‘Following’ and while he was in post-production on ‘Memento’. ‘Batman’ and ‘Inception’ were but a twinkle in his eye back then, so it makes […]

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Know Your Audience…

When I am watching a movie that is brilliantly written, it leaves me kind of breathless. Because I know just how much hard work goes into writing a screenplay that breezes along effortlessly, with no friction, without a single scrap of waste, simultaneously surprising and obvious at each turn (‘how is he going to get […]

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Eddie Hamilton, Kick Ass editor with Chris Jones

Editing ‘Kick-Ass’, interview with Editor Eddie Hamilton – includes full post production workflow chart

Yesterday I met with my old pal and editor, Eddie Hamilton. Eddie cut ‘Gone Fishing’ (trailer here) for us and most recently (you can buy it here), he has spent 18 months working on Kick-Ass as one of the editors, alongside Jon Harris and double Oscar winner Pietro Scalia, who Eddie speaks about in this […]

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