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Edgar Wright Genesis: the Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook archive interview from 2005

Archive interview with the legendary Edgar Wright from the 2005 Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook More on the books at Q – Where are you from and were you a film lover from a young age? Edgar – I was raised in and around Bournemouth and Poole, and my Mum and Dad took me to the […]

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How one filmmaker secured a UK distribution deal for their £30k horror movie WITH advance! Six tips to success

Guest blog by producer Bethany Clift We have read a lot about how hard is to get independent films out there, especially films on the kind of budget we made Heretic for (£30k), so I wanted to counter this with our good news story. Yup, after three years of toil, tears and tragedy our no-budget […]

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Edgar Wright in conversation: One hour screenwriter and filmmaker masterclass As The World’s End is now playing in cinemas, I though I would share a cracking session we recorded with Edgar at the London Screenwriters Festival last year. It was delivered to a crammed room and the atmosphere was electric! Podcast version (downloadable below) Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My movies My Facebook […]

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Get a ton of filmmaking tips, tricks and articles every day

For eight years now I have been writing articles on my blog to help filmmakers. Some great pieces are buried on there, months and years in the back history of the articles. And so I have begun pulling them out and tweeting them every day. So if you want to get them daily, just follow […]

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David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker

Our favourite eccentric filmmaker David Lynch, sharing his advice for creatives and filmmakers. Splendid! Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My movies My Facebook My Twitter @LivingSpiritPix Sign up to my mailing list for updates on events, books and free film making tools

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How To Self Distribute A Film: Masterclass with Marcus Markou (Podcast)

‘Create your own power…’ That’s one key piece of advice from filmmaker and now self distributor Marcus Markou. ‘Disrupt’ is another central idea his. If the system doesn’t work for you, create a new system, disrupt the old. This is how future thinking Marcus managed to get his low budget family comedy drama ‘Papadopoulos and […]

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Well that happened…! Blood, guts and glory at Guerilla Film Masterclass

I promised I would leave EVERYTHING on the stage this weekend at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass… blood, buts, glory, passion, fear, failure, success… And if the Tweets I am seeing today are anything to go by, I just about managed it. I can tell you, my body certainly feels like I did – it’s shattered […]

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Meet our youngest delegate at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass… and watch her Virgin Media Shorts entry… very cool

So Meet Holly… here’s what she messaged me. Hi Chris…I really don’t want to wait till I’m older. Please can I come this year? I’m only ten but I am a filmmaker! I love everything to do with film – acting, writing, directing, set designing, producing – I even like watching the odd film!!!! I’ve […]

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One filmmakers success story – crowdfunding, crewing and Cannes at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass By Justin Tagg Last year I attended the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass looking for some more crew, a little exceptional information and to raise the profile of my crowdfunding campaign going into its last week. I got a lot more than I bargained for. The people I met and publicity gained through the conversations I […]

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One filmmakers journey… how we met at the Guerilla Masterclass and went on an extraordinary journey…

By Iria Pizania I graduated from a MA in Filmmaking in January 2012. During the graduation day I was excited to receive my degree but having already been searching for the right opportunity for a few months I knew that my degree on its own would not make much difference. When I graduated from my MA […]

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Trust is the only currency in an untrustworthy business… stunning presentation from Producer with more credits than most DVD collections!

Last week we recorded and extraordinary session at the London Breakfast Club with producer Iain Smith – it was just crammed with wisdom and bite sized gems for filmmakers, writers and of course producers. My personal favourite anecdote? If audiences like your production after a year, it’s a movie. If they like it after a […]

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Ray Harryhausen died today… do you remember your first stop motion movie on Saturday TV?

Ray Harryhausen died today. When I think about the movies, I think of magic and great magicians. My own love of the ‘illusion’ was what first drew to me filmmaking. Cinema history has enjoyed several landmark visual effects moments – ‘King Kong’ and Willis O’Brien, ‘The Thing’ and Rob Bottin, ‘Star War’s and that Star […]

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‘Welcome To The Punch’ writer director Eran Creevy interview about how he broke into the film business

As ‘Welcome To The Punch’ continues to pick up rave reviews, I thought I would share a rare, intimate and candid interview I did with writer director Eran Creevy a few years back about his debut feature ‘Shifty’. At the time, Eran had just begun developing ‘Welcome To The Punch’. What shines through in the […]

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