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The Genius In Us All…

I wanted to share a short talk I stumbled upon at It’s with writer Elizabeth Gilbert, and it touches on the madness we can all be touched by in any creative endeavour. Here’s what TED said about it… Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses – and shares […]

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The Big Aftershock…

Last night I had my first one… Earthquake that is. The earth shook, the house rattled. Everyone stood very still for a moment. Apparently it was a 3 on the Richter scale, and the epicentre was right beneath us in Santa Monica. So another LA experience is chalked up! Right now I am utterly exhausted. […]

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Counting down in the hours now…

I am sat here at Terminal Five, Heathrow airport and about to board a plane for LAX. Officially, I am flying over to attend the Santa Barbara Film Festival where Gone Fishing is playing. Unofficially, I am also going to LA to be as close to the Oscars as I can get, for the nomination […]

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Film makers sharing…

I wanted to share two particularly poignant emails I have received, both from professional film makers who have suffered personal loss. The first email is from an Irish Director, Paul Brady, who saw Gone Fishing last week and felt compelled to contact me. Second is from our old friend and Gone Fishing Associate Producer, Simon […]

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Lyn The Fin Inspires Us All…

Most of us have dreams and ambitions, some big, some small. But most of us pay lip service to those dreams. Yeah, we will do it one day some day. I want to share with you a video and story of one incredible friend of mine, Lyn Hawkins. She had a dream. And it wasn’t […]

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Gone Fishing at Christmas…

As everything starts to wind down, we become a little reflective at Christmas time. It’s true that the next few months, potentially, could be the most exciting yet for Gone Fishing, with the Oscar nominations being announced on Jan 22nd, the BAFTA nominations being announced on Jan 15th, and with it attending another festival in […]

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Calendar Girls Done…

I have just completed the Photoshop work and layout in Adobe InDesign for the charity photo calendar we shot a few weeks back.  I am amazed at how quickly I can use those tools now, I guess that’s the result of many thousands of pages of work in the Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks. I think […]

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Letter to Gone Fishing

I wanted to share an email I just received from someone who I have just recently got to know, but who I already count as a close friend… Chris – Well done – again!  I just have to tell you that I was so extra pleased to hear this (Thunderclap Awards), because my 85 year […]

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Fathers Day is a SUCCESS!

Some of you may recall, a good friend of mine, Johnny Newman, made a short film called Foster which played at Rhode Island (and Johnny tipped me off about the suitability of RI for Gone Fishing). This short film took him on a rollercoaster ride to Hollywood… you can read the blog entry here. Recently, […]

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Marlyn meet Oli…

I got an email this morning from Oli Lewington. Some of you who have kept up with the blog may know that Oli suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and last year, before shooting Gone Fishing, he wrote to me. I had posted a blog about my fears of failure, and Oli wrote to me encouraging me, […]

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An environmental perspective…

Some of you may know that I have been working on a huge ‘Green’ project with some pretty big hitters. I can’t say much about it for confidentiality reasons, but in due course, I am sure everyone across the globe will hear about it. I was just sent this link – an animation made by […]

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Credit where credit is due…

I wanted to take a moment to just acknowledge a few people involved in Gone Fishing, sometimes in a slightly lateral way. Johnny Newman, a director friend of mine, encouraged me to make a short after he made his own short called Foster, which also played at Rhode Island! Johnny also encouraged me to enter […]

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Taking time to consider and strategise

I am writing this en route back home to London from Ireland, while cruising at 32,000'. I am a great believer in taking short breaks to help re-asses ones plans and goals. We are all victims of our routines, and occasionally, our daily habits need interrupting so that one can get a clearer view of […]

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I got a few responses from yesterdays blog and I just wanted to share with you one from a film maker I met on one of my courses a few years back, Oli Lewington… Hey Chris, I’m a long-time follower of your various activities – got the books, done the course, blah blah blah. I […]

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