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Chernobyl: An acoustic masterclass in storytelling by Hildur Guðnadóttir

It’s an astonishing story so brilliantly and chillingly written by Craig Mazin. The pace, the casting, the direction, the design, the cinematography ALL work in concert to create this unforgettable experience. But the soundtrack, the music score and the fusion it creates with the soundscape, stand out for me. Immediately evocative, the score by Hildur […]

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Writing The Score for Escape From New York

I love this video essay by Alex Ball with long term, John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth. It harks back to a time when innovation was profoundly inventive and deeply analogue, even though of course the score is ‘digital’. John Carpenter was a massive influence for me as a kid and while I was making Zombie […]

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Yesterday, Polish composer Wojciech Kilar died

Yesterday, Polish composer Wojciech Kilar died. Very sad news. I first heard his work in Coppola’s Dracula in the early nineties, then again in the Ninth Gate, and being a film score nut, I tracked down his immense body of work and became a smitten by the dark and beautiful eastern European tones. Above is […]

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11 Steps Required to record your score with an orchestra in Macedonia – a Guerilla Masterclass Success Story

Or…How I came to The Guerilla Masterclass, met a composer and ended up in Macedonia recording my soundtrack with an orchestra! By Josephine Halbert I thought I would share the extraordinary story of Guerilla Film Masterclass delegate Josephine Halbert, and how she recorded the score for her short with an orchestra in Macedonia. Below are […]

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I always knew I should be in music

All this week I am on location shooting an ambitious corporate film for a major technology company. The film is going to be showing lots of cool new technology in action, and as such, it’s been my job to get all that kit working for the camera. I have always been a techno-geek, so this […]

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Making the music promo… part 2

The video is complete, and the band LOVE IT! If you haven’t already, watch the video blog above and marvel at how a few extras can be encouraged to go crazy and end looking like a huge crowd – I am amazed myself that we pulled this one off! This was so much fun to […]

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Making the music promo… part 1

Over the last week or so I have been producing a music promo for an emerging band called The Silence Within. They are from the Kerrang school of music, so think NuMetal, Linkin Park etc. They are also a good looking bunch of lads, so we have high hopes for them on Kerrang and Scuzz […]

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Music for Gone Fishing

I have received a huge amount of emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the film. I have also had requests about the music, some of you want to know how to hear it again. So I have made up a short edit of the music tracks, which runs for about 15 minutes, and […]

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Production Music for Gone Fishing

I have been working on music (STILL I KNOW!)for the last few days and have come to believe that in order to get the immense and epic battle music I need, I am going to have to use some library or production music. This seems to me to be the only way to get that […]

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Jaws for Kids!

Still working on music for Gone Fishing. We have entered that dreaded stage where we have fallen in love with the temporary music we used, and anything else, just does not do the same job. This is a typical problem and I am trying hard to stay focussed on a solution and not on what […]

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Music track laying

We are now adding music to Gone Fishing, and for part of the score, I am using music pulled from one of the unique music libraries here in the UK – Audio Network has thousands of tracks that you can use in your production, for a one off fee of £250 – all rights, worldwide. […]

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Contriubuting Composer Writes a Cue For Gone Fishing

Music is always a vital element of any movie, and I have often felt that it’s all too often used to prop up dodgy drama. There is that great Alan Parker cartoon that says something like, ‘the script is terrible, actors incompetent, director an idiot, editing is terrible – right we’d better fire the composer!’ […]

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