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Scanning Gone Fishing on to 35mm

Today I went to Cinesite to meet with the legendary Mitch Mitchell, to discuss how we are going to get ‘Gone Fishing’ onto 35mm. Mitch is a very experienced digital post production guru, who has even written one of the best books on the subject – Visual Effects for Film and Television. Cinesite have worked […]

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Archiving Gone Fishing

Last night I collected the camera negative for ‘Gone Fishing’ from Midnight Transfer, who digitally conformed and graded the movie. This brings up one of the hidden problems that always needs dealing with when you make a movie. What do you do with all the stuff? 35mm neg is big and heavy and there were […]

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What's next for Gone Fishing?

So now we have tow major steps to complete for Gone Fishing. First is getting it out there, getting the film working for us, especially with regard to things like film festivals, awards, agents, managers, studio executives etc. More on that in the next few days. The other major step is to complete Gone Fishing […]

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DISASTER! The neg is lost!

Last night was the first truly dark night on this production. It was HELL! Yesterday we got word from the lab that the negative had been misplaced. No-one actually knew where it was. It was frankly, LOST! That fact was further complicated by it being late in the day and after six, everyone went home. […]

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