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Want a copy of the Impact50 Poster?

After a HUGE amount of debate within the team and community, we have decided to use the poster with the meteor for all online presence. It works really well in the fast-paced environment of social media, such as account headers or thumbnails and square posts. But for the HUGE and permanent movie poster, we have […]

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50 kisses buy me.

Get YOUR 50 Kisses Poster Now

NO LONGER AVAILABLE The most remarkable thing about 50 Kisses the enormous cast and crew employed during the making of this global movie. The end credits of the movie list around 2,000 creatives and run for 17 minutes – writers, producers, actors, editors, DPs… And while we couldn’t fit everyone on the poster, we have […]

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What ONE thing MUST you get right in your next film?

Guest blog by Richard Holmes The Kid/Food/Baby/Horse Stays In The Picture “There’s always ONE, isn’t there” Or, in filmmaking it’s, “There’s always THE THING.” In Jadoo it was, of course, The Food. And lots of it. We’re warming up for Jadoo’s release right now ( and everyone who laughs and cries throughout the movie also […]

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