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How to communicate to get what you want, top strategies and pitfalls to avoid

As a film maker I am in the business of communication. It is the cornerstone of my business. Communicating big ideas with the world. Communicating stories with financiers, backers, actors, producers and broadcasters. And communicating with my community, sharing my journey and sometimes asking for help. As I write this I am downloading 79 emails. […]

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Channel Four News comes to visit me…

On Friday, Channel Four news came to interview me about the impact of the Sony Warehouse fire on the indie film business. You can watch that interview above. I really do believe that this fire is a tipping point for DVD. It’s not just indie films that will disappear from UK distribution, but many old […]

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So apparently I am both an Oscar nominated director and Sir Michael Grade agrees with my views on the British Film Industry!

So apparently I am both an Oscar nominated director and Sir Michael Grade agrees with my views on the British Film Industry. All beamed out to millions of viewers this morning on Sky News. Very entertaining! I did the interview yesterday literally at a moments notice (to be clear, I was in fact Oscars shortlisted […]

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Great Write Up on!

While I was in LA I did a great interview with It was just after I got back from Heart Of Gold and the weird jetlag combined with the very large café latte I had just drunk made for a particularly entertaining phone conversation with the delightful journalist, Laura Lee. It went live just […]

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Actix bring Axicom PR to help with the push

I had a fantastic meeting this morning with the publicists who have been offered to us by the very nice people at Actix, who have partnered with us on the next, and potentially most exciting step on the Gone Fishing journey. We are lucky enough to have head honcho Julian Tanner, at Axicom Cohn&Wolfe handling […]

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Variety Hits The Streets!

I walked into the office at Ealing Studios today to a barrage of emails and calls regarding the Variety article. I had known about this since last week, but it’s just hit the streets in print, and it’s a WHOLE PAGE! This is very good PR for us as Variety is one of the top […]

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2009 Arrives with GREAT NEWS!

As we welcome in 2009, I was delighted to get notice of two separate articles about Gone Fishing in two very prestigious film journals. First off is a great write up in Daily Variety, a piece about how short films contend for the Oscars. It’s really great news for us. You can read the article […]

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Press Site Now Live!

The new Gone Fishing PRESS website is now up and running. This is a dedicated website for members of the press and is not a film site about the movie. I decided to do this when I noticed while attending festivals, just how reluctant journalists seem to be now, to carry a press pack around […]

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Press Pack Revamped!

We are in the throes of updating and reformatting the whole ‘Gone Fishing’ press pack. What we have is great, but it’s a little outdated now, and also, now I have been out there in the world with it, I can see how we can improve it. The big thing I have found is that […]

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Dinard, new opportunites arise…

During the festival at Dinard, I made a whole pile of new contacts and built some good new relationships. One new relationship is with a reporter from Variety magazine, and over dinner on the closing night, we discussed among many things, the Oscars and Gone Fishing. He said he would see if he could put […]

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Crossing the first threshold…

My life is starting to fill up with choices. Tough choices. For the first time ever in my career I have been forced to turn down work, and to add to the amazement, really good work too. In the last few weeks I have been offered a really great little film for Ford, and also […]

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Getting the posters out into the community

Today I dropped off some framed posters from Gone Fishing, signed by myself, Ivan, Eddie and Vernon. Pictured here is the lovely Rebecca Budds from Midnight Transfer. Rebecca really helped us through some tricky post production problems back in December of last year when we were grading there, with John Claude. She commented how it […]

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IMDb Rating Finally In!

IMDB has finally updated our user rating and we have our score – as write this, it’s 8.6 which is derived from 75 votes – in the screengrab here you can see the breakdown of those votes, which is interesting. IMDB weight these scores, so you will see that we actually have a score of […]

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The Posters Are Finally Sent Out!

Finally, the postal tubes for the posters arrived – at the same time as the newest member of Team Living Spirit. Catherine Balavage, pictured here, started today. Hoorah! After being asked why she thought it was a good idea to get cramped into a tiny, overheated, noisy office, her answer was simple… ‘I wanted to […]

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Interview on Spolier Alert Radio

On the closing night of the Rhode Island Film Festival, I did a radio interview with Toni Pennacchia of Merging Arts Productions, for a Rhode Island radio station. That interview has since been podcast by Toni on her site, Spolier Alert Radio. It features interviews with a bunch of other film makers and gives you […]

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Kodak Awards Official Selection Screenings

 Yesterday was the official selection screenings of the Kodak shortlisted films at the Curzon West End. I have written a much lengthier blog entry to publish next week, after the whole event has ended, about my thoughts and feelings regarding the entire experience and the British Film Industry. For now though, this is just a […]

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