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Gone Fishing Posters!

We have just taken delivery of our brand spanking and shiny new posters for Gone Fishing. They are A2 in size (420 x 594 mm) and look awesome in a black frame (frames cost about £10 on the high street). I must say, I am looking forward to plastering whole walls with them at film […]

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First Web Designs in….

Right now I feel as busy as I do when I am in actual film production. It’s incredible just how much needs doing for Cannes, for the next project, to sustain all that unpaid work and keep food on the table and a roof over my head! I have been working on the poster, which […]

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Flight to Cannes

The flights are now booked for Cannes and I will be going down on Sat 17th and returning on Wednesday the 21st. Those few days will be more than enough and I suspect I will return exhausted. Easyjet from Luton came in cheapest at only £65 return. All that is left is accommodation and finalising […]

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Step into my theatre!

We are working on innovative ways to get ‘seen about town’ in Cannes. I have also been working on ways to get people to see Gone Fishing on the spur of the moment too. Everyone is going somewhere in a hurry in Cannes, but if there were a way to show them a movie there […]

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Gone Fishing Poster – first look….

I just met with Martin Butterworth at The Creative Partnership to take a look at his first crack at a poster for ‘Gone Fishing’. I have spent so long with a specific image in my head that would be a wonderful poster (but only wonderful AFTER you had seen the film!) that anything new was […]

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Cannes Cannes Cannes!

Cannes fever is starting to kick in. And it’s VERY exciting. We put Gone Fishing into the festival and we all hope that we get selected. I have to mention one unsung star of Gone Fishing. French Film maker Sylvie Bolioli has been helping out in the background at almost every turn. Her latest immense […]

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Gone Fishing now on IMDB

I have just spent the last hour or so adding and updating the IMDB Pro page for Gone Fishing. I can see a few people have already added their credits, so if you want, go ahead and add yours now if you were involved. But I ask one favour. Please don’t add anything other than […]

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Gone Fishing Trailer Windows Media Encoded

I had an interesting mail today from another film maker complaining about Quicktime – apparently the trailer for Gone Fishing would not play on his computer. And this is not the first occurrence of this, so if you have had problems playing back the Quicktime trailer, drop me a line – it would be useful […]

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Webstats for Gone Fishing Trailer

Now the trailer has been up for a little while, I thought I would let you know how it’s doing and how I managed the infrastructure. When we decided to put a trailer up, we wanted it be world class quality, which meant using the Apple trailers website as a template. In turn that meant […]

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Getting the right image for Gone Fishing

The last few days, I have been working on ‘The Image’ for Gone Fishing. This is to be used for posters, postcards and the like. We need artwork to represent the character of the movie, not the characters in the movie, and also to relay the theme in the narrative. We have a few great […]

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Gone Fishing Trailer Goes Live!

Today Eddie Hamilton cut together a trailer for Gone Fishing. This is for film festivals that now seem to require it, even for a short. Eddie cut it in HD so we can make various versions all the way up to 1080P (which apparently some festivals may request). We had some fun and games with […]

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Press Pack Draft 1

Over the last few days, we have been thinking ahead about the press for Gone Fishing… And I have been compiling a press pack for journalists. A press pack is a document that has information about the film, how it was made, and who the key players were in its making. I have chosen to […]

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Gone Fishing First Press!

We have just received our first press, from the local newspaper in my home town of Wigan. You can read the article here. The great thing about local press is that they always paint you in a good light, and also give you lots of space. This kind of grass roots coverage is always good […]

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Stills arrive

Traditionally, on low budget films, you always have trouble getting certain crew members. Stills photographers and sound recordists are usually toughest. We were very lucky as we had Ro Heap record the sound excellently, and Mark Reeve took the stills. I only just took delivery of Marks pictures and I am blown away. Not only […]

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