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The Redeeming Shoot

Making Feature Films For No Money: How I Made My “★★★★ Intense and Tender Psychological Thriller” and Premiered in London’s West End

By Brian Barnes I have a confession to make.  I’m a terrible producer.  You’d think that after making films day in and day out since 1987 I’d have learnt the one key skill a producer needs.  But, no – still no further along that road.  That key skill?  Raising money. That means that, as a […]

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Should you distribute your short on DVD and BluRay? Guest blog from Danny Lacey: 10 things learned from self distributing my short film

I asked  Danny to share his story on his short film ‘Love Like Hers’ which he made after being the first person in the world to take my online masterclass about making world class shorts – – and here is what he sent me… I’m always looking at ways to make a living from […]

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The Devil Is In The Detail…

For the last few days I have been hunkered down, going through endless Sales and Distribution delivery contracts for the Delivering Your Film to The Sales Agent workshop this weekend. It’s been a mammoth task, unravelling ALL the DETAIL from the reams of documents and contracts I have been sifting through… and as we all […]

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Sales Delivery Workshop Is Nearly Ready

I have spent the last day putting together a one day seminar about film sales, and specifically how to make final delivery to a sales agent or distributor. I have sat in on several sales meetings recently and have been surprised at how much stuff these guys need or want, and also how technical it […]

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The Deal Is Done…

Great news. Today we agreed a deal in principle with BOTH Network Ireland (Derry O’Brien) and Shorts International, (seen here, me with Simon Young from SI). We managed to split the rights to get the best of both worlds. Shorts International’s special relationship with the Academy (Oscars folk), their enormous reach and corporate scale (with […]

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Appointing the sales agent

In the next day or so, I will be making my choice over who represents Gone Fishing for international sales and distribution. Only two companies are in the running, both have very good reputations and deals to offer, and both I like very much. We need to deal with this now as in the coming […]

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Stacey Parks, Distribution Guru, FREE PODCAST!

A few days ago I promised a free podcast with Indie Film Distribution guru Stacey Parks. Well here it is! I recorded this two hour seminar last May with Stacey, at Ealing Studios. Stacey pretty much came straight from the plane and had a great deal of insight to share with us all. So here […]

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(If you are having problems playing this video, try here on Facebook or here on Google Video) This weekend, film maker colleague Simon Cox and myself have been selling our movies on DVD at Memorabilia – you can see the video above, just how the day turned out, and how much of a graft it […]

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Gone Fishing now on DVD!

Now that our multi award winning movie, Gone Fishing, has been to several festivals and received its Academy Qualifier screening in Los Angeles, we can now release the film on DVD! All proceeds will be re-invested into the drive for the Oscars and for submission to other film festivals. There are two versions. One for […]

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Starting the film sales process…

We are now in the process of attaching a distributor to Gone Fishing. I am under no illusions, we are not going to get rich of this film, and any money we do make will get ploughed back into more PR, and repaying a few ‘loans and debts’ that we have acquired (on the understanding […]

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What's next for Gone Fishing?

So now we have tow major steps to complete for Gone Fishing. First is getting it out there, getting the film working for us, especially with regard to things like film festivals, awards, agents, managers, studio executives etc. More on that in the next few days. The other major step is to complete Gone Fishing […]

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First stab at the DVD cover…

I have spent the day designing the first DVD cover for ‘Gone Fishing’. This is very different to a feature cover in one major way – it will never act as a POINT OF SALE for a buyer. The only people who will get the DVD will either be given it, or come across it […]

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Selling your movie direct on DVD…

I spent the weekend with my good friend Simon Cox, at a science fiction convention in Birmingham called Memorabilia, selling my books and his movie on DVD, ‘Written In Blood’, signed by him of course. It was an intense two days, but very rewarding, not least because I sold some books, but also because I […]

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