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Gone Fishing on BluRay at Mr Youngs

I went to My Youngs screening rooms yesterday (aka The Soho Screening Rooms on D’Arbly Street, W1), to test the BluRay disk I made in Adobe Encore. One of the problems we have right now is that to screen Gone Fishing in all its HD splendour and full uncompressed audio means hiring in expensive HDCamSR […]

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So the plot thickens…

We have been editing, testing, editing, testing… and getting great results and feedback in these screenings. In some ways we are now slipping into analysis paralysis on some points, but on others, we are really having to fine tune the edit. For me, great movies stretch the credible right to the very edge. You take […]

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Test Screening 3 and final roller

Last night, after a small re-edit, we held another test screening. Results were as usual very interesting. No revelations this time, just amplifications on what we already knew, and a few more ideas to integrate into final picture grading. At some point, screenings like these start slipping into opinion – which isn’t much use. Analysis […]

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Test Screening Number 2 – new stuff discovered!

Last nights test screening went very well. Lot’s more stuff discovered. First off, everyone really enjoyed the film and felt impressed by how ‘BIG’ it felt. This is mainly down to the story, photography and music, and also the simple ‘non tricksy’ direction I think. I am very pleased. But… we still have some stuff […]

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First test screening

Last night we held out first test screening for ‘Gone Fishing’. Blimey. What an evening. We had about ten people round and we watched it on my big video projector. This was an offline cut, with temp music and sound. After the film played, I asked a number of questions and we entered a three […]

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Stills arrive

Traditionally, on low budget films, you always have trouble getting certain crew members. Stills photographers and sound recordists are usually toughest. We were very lucky as we had Ro Heap record the sound excellently, and Mark Reeve took the stills. I only just took delivery of Marks pictures and I am blown away. Not only […]

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