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Terrific Video Interview With ‘Hero’s Journey’ Guru Chris Vogler

I recently filmed this terrific interview with Chris Vogler as he could not make it to the Screenwriters Festival this year. His work on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ through his workshops and books has transformed many screenplays. In the interview, Chris offers insights into screenwriting today, shares ideas on how the Hero’s Journey can be used […]

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McKendrink on Film Making

Cutting Dialogue from your screenplay, a masterclass in minimalism for Screenwriters

As I have been rewriting Rocketboy, I have also been re-reading some of my favourite screenwriting books. I have been looking for tips, tricks, insights and wisdom on the screenwriting concept that writing is rewriting. But it’s also about being tough in those rewrites. Killing your darlings. There are a few very good books on […]

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Know your audience… Part 2

Following on from yesterdays blog about writing a screenplay, but writing with a deep and intimate understating of ‘who the audience is…’ Let’s go one step further. Seth Godins excellent Ted presentation here really nails it. If you haven’t watched it, you should do so now as he speaks about building ‘tribes’ with great insight. […]

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Know Your Audience…

When I am watching a movie that is brilliantly written, it leaves me kind of breathless. Because I know just how much hard work goes into writing a screenplay that breezes along effortlessly, with no friction, without a single scrap of waste, simultaneously surprising and obvious at each turn (‘how is he going to get […]

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BAFTA nominated ‘Shifty’, a Guerilla Film Makers Script To Screen presentation with writer and director Eran Creevy

BAFTA nominated ‘Shifty’, a Guerilla Film Makers Script To Screen presentation with writer and director Eran Creevy

Date:   Sunday March 28th. Time:  12.00pm Place: Odeon Panton Street, London.  (Seating is limited) Tickets £19 (plus booking fee and inc VAT) Meet Eran Creevy, one of this years BAFTA nominated film makers, for ‘Shifty’ (in the category of best first feature). We interviewed him for the new ‘Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook’, and were […]

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Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite…

I have just read some pages of a screenplay that looks both exciting and very well put together. Of course, it’s in ‘development’ and so there are going to be problems and further work needed – the biggest problem being the one that we come across so often when reading other peoples scripts. It’s over […]

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Blake Snyder, writer, teacher and guru to thousands of film makers, dies yesterday…

We just heard the terrible news that American writer, teacher and guru Blake Snyder died yesterday. He was 53 and suffered a cardiac arrest. Blake’s best selling writers book, ‘Save The Cat’, was an instant classic, and his enthusiasm for great stories well told resonated through those pages, and bounced off the walls whenever you […]

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Feel the chill run down your spine…

Tonight I am hoping that I will get hold of the very first draft of a screenplay for a feature film we will be shooing in February, which for now we are calling Project Nightwatcher (the name will almost certainly change). The idea is simple. It’s micro budget, using what we have to hand (namely […]

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First test screening

Last night we held out first test screening for ‘Gone Fishing’. Blimey. What an evening. We had about ten people round and we watched it on my big video projector. This was an offline cut, with temp music and sound. After the film played, I asked a number of questions and we entered a three […]

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Catching The BIG Fish!

Something I have been very fortunate to have in my life is a group of experienced and passionate film maker friends. I cannot stress how vital this is both to the execution of my own personal ambitions as a film maker, but also on a nitty gritty story development level. I just had a short […]

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A Further £500 raised!

As we hit the tarmac running today – Monday – just a recap on where we stand money wise. Over the weekend we received a further £500 in donations. So thank you to Paul Nugent, Huw Jenkins, Hazeley Wilson, Jurgen Wolf, Rod Duncan, John Basham, Steve Payne and Simon Reglar. Splendid. We are in the […]

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Rocketboy rewrite begins

I am working on the screenplay for Rocketboy today, and going over my notes from the reading last weekend. Two further things have since struck me. I can’t express just how valuable it was to hear my dialogue read out loud. It really does take on a new life – on the page and in […]

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