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The Tuesday Online, LSFReplay: Character in Storytelling with Phil and Ted

On Tuesday we continue our series of LondonSWF replays, the very best of our past events replayed live. This time it’s Phil and Ted on The Importance of Character in Storytelling. That will take place next Tuesday at 8pm UK time…. When: Tuesday Feb 27th at 8pm UK time Where: Anyone can attend free. […]

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‘Roger and Me’, Interviewing Roger Corman at the Great American Pitchfest, full Podcast

Yesterday I had the great privilege of interviewing the legendary Roger Corman onstage at the Great American Pitchfest. Aside from a few microphone niggles, it was a splendid conversation with a man who for me was a kind of grandfather to my career. I wanted the conversation to be about ‘now and tomorrow’, to offer […]

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Meet Edgar Wright in this fascinating and candid one hour interview about filmmaking, writing and a career in film against all odds

This session was shot at the London Screenwriters’ Festival which is now become the biggest event of its kind, for writers and filmmakers alike. What are the main outcomes of attending? Meeting loads of new collaborators and like minded folk. Getting a MASSIVE creative shot in the arm by being around creative and dedicated people […]

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Why telling YOUR story is an essential act of creation – both for you and the world

A friend recently posted an interesting question, ‘does it really matter if people do not see your work?’ The main thrust being (and I paraphrase) ‘in the act of creating art, is an audience important? Does in fact longing for an audience impact on creative integrity negatively?’ I have never seen myself as an artist. […]

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Edgar Wright in conversation: One hour screenwriter and filmmaker masterclass As The World’s End is now playing in cinemas, I though I would share a cracking session we recorded with Edgar at the London Screenwriters Festival last year. It was delivered to a crammed room and the atmosphere was electric! Podcast version (downloadable below) Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My movies My Facebook […]

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What can we learn from (Oscar nominated screenwriter) Sylvester Stallone? 40 minute masterclass…

It’s easy to write off Sylvester Stallone as an action movie star playing one dimensional characters. But that would be a mistake. In his long career he has won BAFTA and Oscar nominations for screenwriting, written and directed a diverse range of movies, and delivered staggering commercial successes. In this interview, he shows that he […]

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How To Write For Hollywood And Live In The UK: Podcast with Stuart Hazeldine

With Stuart Hazeldine After trawling my archives, I discovered this cracking recording I made with screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine about working in LA, but living in the UK. It was held at Ealing Studios in 2009, just before his first feature film EXAM went into production. He candidly shared his experiences giving detailed roadmaps you can […]

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What did our delegates say about LSF 2012?

Thank you for this unforgettable time and life-changing experience. It was magical! Valeriya Ordinartseva, Screenwriter (Winner of LSF PitchFest Best Concept Prize 2012) The London Screenwriters’ Festival offers UK screenwriters more opportunities and inspiration over 3 days than BAFTA and BFI do in a year. Sure, it’s exhausting, but in a good way – like […]

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Want great actors for your film? Write a script with a female lead

It isn’t grit or physical prowess that gives the feminine her heroic stature; it is her courageous ability to descend into the dark, forbidding places that lie within each of us in order to retrieve our essence. Strong stories aren’t masculine or feminine, they are a balance of both and understanding how to engage the […]

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‘Make it real but unusual’, Linda Aronson closing advice

‘A good kick in the conventions…!’ Pete Dodd, Director This weekend we ran the 2 day 21st Century Screenwriter Masterclass with Linda Aronson. Nearly 200 screenwriters and filmmakers crammed into Tuke Hall at Regents College to listen in awe at an extraordinarily detailed seminar on contemporary screenwriting. The delegates said it best… ‘What worked 50 […]

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