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Top Ten Things I Learned From My Last Film… And the REAL driving force behind it

Last weekend we premiered the latest film I directed, a hard hitting drama about forbidden love called ‘Seeing Him’. Starring, produced by and written by Vanessa Bailey, it’s been several years in the making, with reboots, re-envisioning, recasting… and with at least four directors at the helm! Why so long? Why so many incarnations? Put […]

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Recording the music for ‘Seeing Him’, a personal journey for screenwriter, actress and reluctant producer Vanessa Bailey

When it comes to powerful voices in the storytelling process then music is one of the most powerful there is. Of all the narrative voices within a film music is arguably one of the most potent tools for enhancing their emotional connection to the “moments” which happen in your film. I first met our composer […]

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Picture Locking ‘Seeing Him’

Last weekend, editor Chris Frith and myself, picture locked ‘Seeing Him’.  Everyone in the team felt like we finished the edit weeks ago, but I was also sure we could continue to make improvements. At this stage, I have learned that small changes can often make a big difference in the viewing experience. It’s also […]

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Seven Editorial Tips For Fine Cutting Films

We are in the final stages of fine cutting ‘Seeing Him’, a short film written, produced by and starring Vanessa Bailey. I have stepped into the directors shoes after my good friend Catherine Arton stepped down as director, entrusting me to finish her good work. I have already spent time working with our hugely experienced […]

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