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Gone Fishing Trailer Windows Media Encoded

I had an interesting mail today from another film maker complaining about Quicktime – apparently the trailer for Gone Fishing would not play on his computer. And this is not the first occurrence of this, so if you have had problems playing back the Quicktime trailer, drop me a line – it would be useful […]

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Webstats for Gone Fishing Trailer

Now the trailer has been up for a little while, I thought I would let you know how it’s doing and how I managed the infrastructure. When we decided to put a trailer up, we wanted it be world class quality, which meant using the Apple trailers website as a template. In turn that meant […]

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PAL DVD of Gone Fishing Complete

Yesterday I completed the PAL DVD for ‘Gone Fishing’. This DVD is for showing to festival co-ordinators and people who may be interested in the new features I am writing. For now, it won’t be available to anyone else, not even my family! (as I explained on the blog before, we need to keep tight […]

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And in fact, proof of workflow too! Yes tonight, I burnt my very first BluRay test disk of a clip from ‘Gone Fishing’ – AND IT WORKED…! PROPELLOR HEAD ALERT! READ ONLY IF YOU ARE A GEEK LIKE ME! I can report that the high definition does in fact make a HUGE difference when viewed […]

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More Creative Issues…

Six days to go…(blimey) And still the film is not complete! I spent this morning back at Midnight Transfer, completing the picture grade. Editor Eddie Hamilton came in to take a look and some very minor tweaks were made – one frame here, two frames there, shaved of shots – mainly because we could see […]

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Making A Bigger Worm…

I asked Russ Wharton to detail exactly how he has gone about increasing the size of the worm in one shot from Gone Fishing. Here’s what he has said… Interesting if you are into digital VFX…Anyway, here are his words… If you know you need a bigger worm before you film, then film the actor […]

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