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11 Steps Required to record your score with an orchestra in Macedonia – a Guerilla Masterclass Success Story

Or…How I came to The Guerilla Masterclass, met a composer and ended up in Macedonia recording my soundtrack with an orchestra! By Josephine Halbert I thought I would share the extraordinary story of Guerilla Film Masterclass delegate Josephine Halbert, and how she recorded the score for her short with an orchestra in Macedonia. Below are […]

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Female Sound Recordist Holding Microphone On Video Film Production In White Studio

How To Record Your Own Foley Tracks At Home

Having reviewed many of the films for 50 Kisses, one common thread is emerging. A lack of solid audio post production, and in particular, a lack of foley. The video above gives you a really good overview of a professional foley artists job – and you can do the same too. Foley tracks are created […]

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That Syncing Feeling!

Today I took the 35mm print of Gone Fishing to Videosonics for the guys who did the sound mix to check out. We had previously screened at Cinesite (for picture) where we thought the sound may have been out of sync. After checking today, I can now confirm that there are in fact no problems […]

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Viewing the first 35mm print

I have just returned from the very first 35mm screening of Gone Fishing – EVER! Even though we shot 35mm, we scanned and post produced digitally, and even premiered digitally. But to get the film out to the ‘world film festival circuit’, we needed a 35mm print. Mitch Mitchell at Cinesite stepped in and did […]

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Soundtrack for Cannes

One of the problems with presenting Gone Fishing out in the world is that the soundtrack is very dynamic. The loud bits are very loud, the quite bits are very quite. Great if you are in a cinema, not so great if you are in a noisy café in Cannes! To combat this, I have […]

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