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The Enfield Poltergeist on AppleTV+

London. 1977. Dread. The Enfield Poltergeist is streaming on Apple TV+ October 27. Today the trailer drops for a project I have been dying to share about since before the pandemic. Last year, just as I had begun shooting splinter unit on Mission: Impossible 7, another project went into production. The Enfield Poltergeist is a […]

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My Firewalk Experience by Laura Wyatt

I just ran a firewalk for Shine PND and one of the Warrior Mums was kind enough to write a post about her journey. Over to Laura Wyatt… During one of my first sessions at Shine there was a serious buzz of excitement from Lauraine! She’d just been part of a group of Shine mums […]

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Star wars the force awakens star wars the force awakens star wars the force awakens star wars the force awake.

Why Star Wars endures so powerfully… It’s nothing to do with fan boys and EVERYTHING to do with values, courage and humanity

The Star Wars universe and characters give access to young hearts and minds to powerful truths and beliefs about good and evil. But most importantly for these young hearts and minds, it unlocks and unleashes courage and potential to take a stand for their OWN truths and beliefs. JJ Abrams knows this and there are […]

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A group of people on the set of a film.

The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass: The Final Chapter… Come for just £69

I want to invite you to something rather extraordinary. This Summer I am running the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass one last time and I want you to come and be a part of this final and remarkable chapter. I love the masterclass, I have been teaching it for 15 years now and trained over 3,000 filmmakers, […]

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A man wearing a black jacket.

Luke Ryan: Scriptchat #LondonSWF

One of my favourite parts of the London Screenwriters’ Festival is the Scriptchat section where, after selected sessions, there is an opportunity to go sit round a table with a speaker and chat further with them in an informal setting. More than anything else at the festival, this reinforces the feeling of screenwriters as a […]

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A car with a gun and other items in it.

12 ways to rewrite your British written spec script so it sells in Hollywood

The new Guerilla Filmmakers ‘Breaking Into Hollywood Pocketbook’ is now selling well via our site here ( (in both hardcopy AND ePub / PDF, as well as Kindle here. I have had several requests for information about sending a spec script to LA, and so I asked Gen her opinion on what trips up a […]

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A man and a woman sitting in a room.

‘50 Kisses’… and the winner is…

Over the last week I suspect I have read over 500 two page scripts for our ‘50 Kisses’ competition – and the whole team (Steven, Vanessa, Tom, Alex, Sal, Gail, Michelle, Alli, Sam and Judy) have read all 1,870 scripts multiple times –and finally, one week late but full ‘re-read’,  we will announce the winners […]

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How American Indies Produce Movies… Make Your Film Inevitable! With Ted Hope and Christine Vachon

If you like the video above, you can get access to the whole four hour seminar online by heading out to and signing up free. I hope you enjoy the advice Ted and Christine offer, they have made over 100 movies and won Oscars, BAFTA’s, Sundance, the lot! Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My […]

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A man is painting a painting on a wall.

‘Star Wars’ concept artists Ralph McQuarrie dies, aged 82 – his top ten paintings…

Legendary concept artists Ralph McQuarrie died on Saturday, aged 82. For so many film makers of my generation, his artwork fired the imagination and adorned our teenage bedroom walls. And his work was instructive for personally, as it showed how a stunning artwork could bring a story vividly to life, all before a frame of […]

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The ultimate guide to digital filmmaking.

Christmas horror shocker for film makers… BEWARE!

Above – short film ‘Treevenge’. Beware it is a SHOCKER and VERY GRAPHIC! But also hilarious! Enjoy! (Mum, don’t watch it, you won’t sleep for till next Christmas!) To celebrate Christmas in a way befitting guerrilla film makers, I thought I would share this short film ‘Treevenge’, plus an interview with the film makers from […]

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