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Prepping for Memorabilia Mayhem

Tomorrow, I am going to be attending Memorabilia at the NEC, running a DVD sales stall with co-film maker buddy Simon Cox. Memorabilia is a sales fair for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans, wa place they can buy rare stuff and get signe photos from attending stars. I have to admit I am a […]

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Living day by day…

Right now, I am just surviving the busiest two weeks of my entire life. And I use the word ‘surviving’ reservedly. I have just had a really tough day, and I am now bracing myself for an all night session on the job I am completing… All will become clear in the coming days, and […]

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Dinard, the analysis…

Back in London now and reflecting on Dinard. It’s a strange festival, in fact more a kind of film convention mixed into a film festival (Cannes in a microcosm), a place for new and established players in the film business to mix. It’s clearly a very important one if you want to make it in […]

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Project: NIGHTWATCHER stalks out…

Today, a story idea I have been mulling over for some time was kicked off in an innovative way (at least innovative for the me!) – in a writing group. Over the last few months, lots of opportunities have been coming our way and I needed very much to generate some new screenplays, and this […]

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Tonight is the night of the Kodak Awards!

It’s all VERY exciting! Everyone here at Team Living Spirit is simply giddy with anticipation at tonights events. We are officially up for the Kodak Best Cinematography, and the Kodak Audience Award for Best Film. There is still time to see the films and vote, so if you haven’t yet and can do so, try […]

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Documentary masterclass success!

We are all just recovering from an awesome Documentary Film Makers Masterclass that we hosted this weekend, run by Andrew ‘Zee’ Zinnes, and co-author of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook with Genevieve. We had a packed class of 15 and everyone had a great time, especially on the Sunday afternoon, when ideas are work-shopped. Having […]

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Oscars Eligibility Screening Is Booked

It’s Oscars time baby! There are two ways to get into the race for the Oscars (for short films). First you win an Oscars accredited festival (which we are still putting in for, but we can’t risk waiting on a win). Second is to screen commercially in LA, which is actually easier than you would […]

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Music cue

Music Cue Sheet

I have been working on compiling the Music Cue Sheet for ‘Gone Fishing’. This is a document that is legally required before the film can be publically screened. It details what music is used in the film, and who owns the various rights. The theory is that whenever the film is played (TV / Theatre […]

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Folders and granite plinths arrive

Today, the paperwork folders (that I designed and uploaded last week) arrived in record time from Vistaprint, and I have to say they look terrific. I have wanted something like this for many years as I always felt that if you are going to send any kind of paperwork, it makes a big impression if […]

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Printing the final DVD inserts

I am completing the DVD package for ‘Gone Fishing’. I already have a DVD mastered, which looks and sounds as good as any DVD I have ever seen (in both Dolby Digital and DTS). In my office I can duplicate DVD’s, four at a time, and I also have a colour robotic DVD face printer, […]

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Gone Fishing Folders and Red One Report

The big PR push for ‘Gone Fishing’ is now starting. We have been to Cannes and now that is over, we are going to focus on première festivals and competitions. One of my observations about short films that come to me (because of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook I get sent lots of shorts) is […]

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Dust settling and super stands!

The last few weeks have been utterly exhausting. I moved house, made a very dominating corporate video, went to Cannes, helped a friend whose business went bankrupt, ran the Hollywood Masterclass (including having Genevieve and Andrew stay in the new flat, with unopened boxes, along with their little girl Casey Mae!). Add to that the […]

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Short film corner

Short Film Corner Feedback

By being part of The Short Film Corner in Cannes, your film is digitised onto their system and is available for private viewing in their booths. This means people can get to see your film at any point. The quality is pretty poor, which is a shame, but it is very accessible. You also get […]

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Cannes 2008, our second day, Monday…

Last night ended on a real high – I stood right by the red carpet as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford walked right by, after the world premiere of Indiana Jones. I must admit, I got goose bumps. Awesome. So this morning I dropped of the 35mm print of ‘Gone Fishing’ at film […]

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Cannes 2008, our first day… Sunday…

So I landed in a rainstorm and at 10pm was immediately whisked off to my first party at the Century Club on a rainy beach… until 3am (pictured here with producer Ivan Clements sister-in-law). I spent most of the evening chatting to film maker friends and getting the skinny on the market. Apparently, this year […]

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Postcard from the producer…

Just about to leave for the airport and I got an email from producer Ivan Clements… Greetings from rainy Cannes. All is going well here now. We have a screening set for 11.30am on Tuesday and I've been on the prowl and inviting loads of people, buyers, film fest scouts etc. Whilst doing this, I […]

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Final checks before lift off…

We now have the date and time of the screening of ‘Gone Fishing’ in Cannes, and happily it’s on 35mm in the Palais, which is great. It’s on Tuesday before the party as planned, and I am already getting RSVP’s back, which is great. Remember, you want to come, email me at Now we […]

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