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FREE online seminar, ‘Making Web Based Comedy and Films’ with the Misery Bear Team

At the London Screenwriters Festival we film most of the sessions so that delegates can watch those events after the festival closes. This seminar is about making ‘web comedy and web films’ and features Chris Hayward and Nat Saunders who created the internet phenomena, ‘Misery Bear’. You can see from their films, they are super clever […]

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What can you expect from the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass? Inspire, Educate and Connect…

What can you expect from the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass? Inspire, Educate and Connect… This video blog was shot at the Heart Of Gold Film Festival when I was running the class in Australia and it will give you a feel for the ‘vibe’ of the experience. Of course you can’t get any sense of […]

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Terrific Video Interview With ‘Hero’s Journey’ Guru Chris Vogler

I recently filmed this terrific interview with Chris Vogler as he could not make it to the Screenwriters Festival this year. His work on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ through his workshops and books has transformed many screenplays. In the interview, Chris offers insights into screenwriting today, shares ideas on how the Hero’s Journey can be used […]

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Eddie Hamilton, Kick Ass editor with Chris Jones

Editing ‘Kick-Ass’, interview with Editor Eddie Hamilton – includes full post production workflow chart

Yesterday I met with my old pal and editor, Eddie Hamilton. Eddie cut ‘Gone Fishing’ (trailer here) for us and most recently (you can buy it here), he has spent 18 months working on Kick-Ass as one of the editors, alongside Jon Harris and double Oscar winner Pietro Scalia, who Eddie speaks about in this […]

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Script to Screen Workshop Videoblog, 'Dead Wood' and 'Shifty'

 NEW – Watch this video on iPhone or other mobile device by clicking here  Over the last few weeks we have held two separate ‘Script To Screen’ events, one for zero budget horror ‘Dead Wood’ and one for the hundred grand Microwave feature ‘Shifty’. Both events were very different, were very well attended/received, and ended […]

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Gone Fishing at the Odeon!

Today we had our screening of Gone Fishing at the Odeon Covent Garden. It was rainy and cold and so I was delighted when we had a bigger than expected audience turn out for the movie. It was part of the Super Shorts Festival, run and organised by one-man-power-house Stephen Follows. I also discovered myself […]

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The Big Night Finally Arrives!

If you have problems playing the video, click here After a long, hard, but immensely rewarding day running the seminar on ‘Gone Fishing’, the time had come to get changed into my DJ and prepare for the premiere. We had been very worried about numbers as we had invited nearly 300 people to the event, […]

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