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And it was all going so well… Or was it? Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Creatives… Are you operating in a Red Sea or a Blue Sea?

The last three years have been brutal for me. As I know they have for so many others too. I am not unique in this regard. While smarter people may have chosen to allow their companies to go under during the pandemic, I chose to fight through bankruptcy and have emerged from the other side. […]

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Another Interview With A Serial Killer

Last night I finally read the first draft of White Angel 2, the sequel to our ‘90’s serial killer thriller White Angel (aka Interview With A Serial Killer) that was so successful for us. I had lost touch with Harriet Robinson who played the lead in the original, and always sensed a sequel would be […]

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White Angel 2, Kiss of Death Killer

I just had dinner with actress Harriet Robinson. Harriet played the lead character in White Angel, the serial killer thriller I made in the early nineties that gained so much festival heat at the time. The film also starred Peter Firth as the serial killer – it’s about a writer researching a killers biography and […]

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Digging up the past in the Valley…

Last night I met up with a very old friend, Actress Harriet Robinson. Harriet played the lead character in our second feature film White Angel, and I lost touch with her in 1995. Now thanks to Facebook, I tracked her down – she had moved from London in ’95, here to LA. And so last […]

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