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Channel Four News comes to visit me…

On Friday, Channel Four news came to interview me about the impact of the Sony Warehouse fire on the indie film business. You can watch that interview above. I really do believe that this fire is a tipping point for DVD. It’s not just indie films that will disappear from UK distribution, but many old […]

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A car is on fire in front of a building.

Ealing Riots… Am I In A Movie?

I awoke today having only had four hours sleep. I immediately turned on the TV to see the roads outside my studios office transformed into some kind of battleground. The whole Living Spirit team was told to stay home today, and later in the day I got a text from Stephen Follows saying ‘The studios […]

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A burned out car parked on a street at night.

Ealing Riots… is this really my home town?

It’s 3am and I am finding it hard to sleep. That’s because my home town, Ealing, is under siege right now. I am watching videos from Youtube (above), the BBC and Twitter pictures in disbelief at what a group of disorganised but opportunistic kids can do in just one night. I had been away but […]

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