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How I Cast Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley and Jack Davenport in my fantasy short, Guest Blog by Hugh Hancock

Why You Should Consider Virtual Filmmaking For Your Next Project Guest blog post by Hugh Hancock, filmmaker and author of Machinima for Dummies Everyone knows that it’s impossible for micro-budget filmmakers to make a CGI animated movie, right? It’s horrendously expensive. It’s brutally slow – hours of rendering for every frame. It’s so technical that […]

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Plotagon #LondonSWF

In a corner of the Final Draft marquee there was to be found a little area of fun hosted by Plotagon. It’s a new software centred around writing that simply takes your story along with the aspects of action, sound, effects etc. you input, and automatically animates it on screen with sets, actors, camera angles […]

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Building a better home for my Avid…

So my Avid blew up earlier this week. And I mean crash bang wallop blow up. Not just a simple software corruption, hard drive fail or dodgy cable. It’s not the first computer I have had that has failed catastrophically, but in the last decade, computers have become more reliable for sure. Aside from hard […]

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HD Hammer Upgrade

It has got to that time where I needed to upgrade and dispose of a few hard drives. Typically I had a bunch of 60gb drives which, frankly, I had lost faith in. If I can’t trust that the drive won’t fail, and these babies were 6 years old, they are of no use – […]

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Are you ready for a crash?

Last week I had a spectacular disk crash on my main computer. Thank god I am someone who is anal about backing up my data, and with some wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was up and running within a day. We all know computers crash, but we always think it will be someone else’s. […]

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