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Top Ten Microbudget Tips: With a crew of 2 and budget of £500… what can be achieved? Jaw dropping work…

I asked DSLR magician Ken Simpson to share how he manages to pull off amazing movies with very little kit, crew but tons of guts. Here’s his detailed response… pretty amazing advice… I’ve had more than a few people ask me how I was able to achieve such a high level of production value with […]

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DSLR is dead!

Headline grabbing for sure, but is it true? Well not dead perhaps, but DSLR has had its day. The nail in the coffin came from the new Black Magic Cinema Camera released this week (RRP $3k USD from July). It captures 2.5K (2432 x 1366) 12bit RAW footage with a claimed 13 stops of dynamic […]

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Documentary Of The Day… what can a doc film maker do with a DSLR?

The Documentary Summit 2011… Join hundreds of delegates for a two-day event that details cutting edge and contemporary documentary film making techniques, strategies and success stories, from conception through to completion. DATE: DECEMBER 3rd and 4th (Saturday/Sunday, 9.00am to 6.30pm) VENUE: Regents College, Regents Park, London PRICE:  £119.00 (discounted to £65 with code CHRISJONES) The […]

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Enter our one page screenwriting and film making competitions to win great prizes and seen by top talent

Now that our Screenwriting a Film Making Competitions are live, I thought I would write about why these competitions are going to be so fascinating, and why you should enter, be you a filmmaker or a screenwriter. So what are the competions? 1. A one page screenwriting competition, free and open to anyone, that closes […]

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