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Taking time to consider and strategise

I am writing this en route back home to London from Ireland, while cruising at 32,000'. I am a great believer in taking short breaks to help re-asses ones plans and goals. We are all victims of our routines, and occasionally, our daily habits need interrupting so that one can get a clearer view of […]

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I got a few responses from yesterdays blog and I just wanted to share with you one from a film maker I met on one of my courses a few years back, Oli Lewington… Hey Chris, I’m a long-time follower of your various activities – got the books, done the course, blah blah blah. I […]

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Lynn 'The Fin' Hawkins, Channel Swimmer

I am a great believer in what you give, comes back to you. But that is often in ways that you don’t expect. A friend of mine just, last weekend actually, swam the English Channel. Each year about 800 people manage to climb Everest, but only 200 manage to conquer the Channel. Lynn is one […]

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