003 - Connor and Becky on the Triumph

Pitching Rocketboy

Pitching is something I don’t fully enjoy, but when it goes well, I love it. I have been pitching my movie ‘Rocketboy’ around town this week and I have been using some new simple techniques I heard about from a professional negotiator. Here it is – ‘shut up’. I ask a question, ‘so tell me […]

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Continuing on from yesterdays post…

Continuing on from yesterdays post, regarding the professional presentation of your film. I was recently involved in a short film evening for charity. The film makers had all sent DVD’s and to my eye, only one was really acceptable in appearance. Most had just scrawled the name of their film, only a few had relevant […]

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Cannes, A Virgins Guide

We just held our March Seminar on getting to Cannes, which was led by Ben Craig, author of a Virgins Guide To Cannes. It was an information packed evening, with heaps of tips about doing the Cannes Film Market on a budget, what to do, what not do, and how to get in. Some key […]

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You Can Always Learn, No Matter The Job

Being a filmmaker fills me with dread when a close friend tells me they are getting married. It usually means that at some point they are going to ask ‘will you do the video?’ I always think I will say ‘no’, but the problem is, if it’s a close friend, I want to make sure […]

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DV Horror Movie Linked To Killings

Recently I was shocked to hear that an old friend of mine, and director of several indie feature films, Julian Richards, has become embroiled in some tragic events. Many of you will have heard of the double murder in the press recently, but what you might not have heard, unless you read the Mail or […]

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