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Grim Studies The Script

Dragons, Reapers and Guerilla Filmmaking: Turning Writer to Director With My First Short ‘Brian & the Grim Reaper’

Guest post by Eben Skilleter Ahead of the final Guerilla Filmmakers 2 Day Masterclass next month, I asked past delegates to share their post event experiences. Here’s what Eben Skilleter got up to… Inspiration, Then Perspiration – Pre-production Trudging across a Hampshire field, in full retreat from the merciless weather, I wonder if I’ve gone […]

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Soundtrack for Cannes

One of the problems with presenting Gone Fishing out in the world is that the soundtrack is very dynamic. The loud bits are very loud, the quite bits are very quite. Great if you are in a cinema, not so great if you are in a noisy café in Cannes! To combat this, I have […]

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Dolby Digital MO disk collected

Last Friday I collected the MO disk of the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for the 35mm prints of Gone Fishing. I had a brief glimpse into the Dolby transfer bay, which was a surprisingly compact room, looking more like a machine room at a small post production company than an audio lab. But then I […]

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Scanning Gone Fishing on to 35mm

Today I went to Cinesite to meet with the legendary Mitch Mitchell, to discuss how we are going to get ‘Gone Fishing’ onto 35mm. Mitch is a very experienced digital post production guru, who has even written one of the best books on the subject – Visual Effects for Film and Television. Cinesite have worked […]

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Makining HDCam Downconvert tapes

I spent most of yesterday working with an editor friend of mine, Laura Kettle, in a large post production facility in West London. We had a number of jobs to do on ‘Gone Fishing’, first of which, was re-laying the newly mixed soundtrack onto 2 HDCamSR tapes. After some messing around we managed this fairly […]

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What's next for Gone Fishing?

So now we have tow major steps to complete for Gone Fishing. First is getting it out there, getting the film working for us, especially with regard to things like film festivals, awards, agents, managers, studio executives etc. More on that in the next few days. The other major step is to complete Gone Fishing […]

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More Creative Issues…

Six days to go…(blimey) And still the film is not complete! I spent this morning back at Midnight Transfer, completing the picture grade. Editor Eddie Hamilton came in to take a look and some very minor tweaks were made – one frame here, two frames there, shaved of shots – mainly because we could see […]

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