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Robert Redford: Top 9 quotes for filmmakers and storytellers

Movie star, filmmaker and founder of Sundance, Redford has had a fascinating career with some extraordinary movies and collaborations. First and foremost an actor and artist, his fusion with commerce is what gives him such interesting perspective, particularly to indie filmmakers who he clearly loves. Here are his top quotes… ‘Storytelling is important. Part of […]

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Pixar Founder John Lasseter: Top fifteen quotes for storytellers, writers, filmmakers and entrepreneurs

I am a HUGE fan of Pixar. The Toy Story films are I think the greatest trilogy of all time, the third one really hit me hard and completely unexpectedly. Genius. At the Screenwriters’ Festival this year I am really excited that we are doing a special screening of ‘Finding Nemo’ with screenwriter David Reynolds […]

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