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Joseph Lidster & Louis Savy: Top Tips For Writing Great Sci-Fi #LondonSWF

Science Fiction has, perhaps above other genres, developed a reputation for polarising audiences. But it’s true that some of the largest grossing film and TV properties (not to mention books and games) are in the Sci-Fi genre and have expanded their reach into the global psyche. It’s been said that those Science Fiction ideas which […]

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left to right alice henley (actor), justin marosa (actor), stuart black (writer-director), nick mather (writer-director), romain kedochim (dop). photo by paul bence and daniel lipinski

How to win the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge

Writer-director Stuart Black spills the secrets May 4th is said to be a lucky day for Star Wars fans, but for me and my team it was a day for gnawing fingernails right down to the knuckles. Having got into the top ten of the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, we were impatiently waiting […]

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Why Star Wars endures so powerfully… It’s nothing to do with fan boys and EVERYTHING to do with values, courage and humanity

The Star Wars universe and characters give access to young hearts and minds to powerful truths and beliefs about good and evil. But most importantly for these young hearts and minds, it unlocks and unleashes courage and potential to take a stand for their OWN truths and beliefs. JJ Abrams knows this and there are […]

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