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Crowdsourcing and the currency of generosity

Guest blog by Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing There is a lot of buzz around crowdfunding at the moment and whilst this is a great way to get projects off the ground we thought we would offer some thoughts and tips on an alternative, or perhaps complementary approach to crowdfunding – crowdsourcing. Nothing we suggest […]

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The man pushes down the tower of cubes with the word Taxes on the figure of the house

Are you breaking the law by running a Crowdfunding campaign and not declaring your income?

So you run a crowdfunding campaign, get some cash in to make your film… only you don’t declare it as income. And three years later HMRC slam you for tax evasion. Slaps on the wrist, interest charges, fines both small and big… and it’s even possible there could be a custodial sentence… Seriously, if they […]

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