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A crowd of people at a concert with purple lights.

Day 1 at Incubate in Tilburg

The irony that the shiny new arts centre in Tilburg was situated next door to the job centre seemed lost on the group of indie filmmakers I trained yesterday. That’s perhaps because it seems the Incubate festival (here in the Netherlands) is the most extraordinary, eclectic celebration of art, music, film and pretty much any […]

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The Art of the Short Film

Over the course of the Gone Fishing festival run, I met tons of very cool film makers. Once such person is Jason Van Genderen who I met in Australia, when I was in competition with him at the Heart Of Gold Film Festival – he has mad an extraordinary short film, shot on a cell […]

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Gone Fishing Film Festival Final Analysis and Data (well nearly final...) Download Film Festival Spreadsheet.

Gone Fishing Film Festival Final Analysis and Data (well nearly final…) Download Film Festival Spreadsheet.

How did my short film Gone Fishing actually perform, and download the spreadsheet to use on your film You can see from the rough ratios from the chart here – ‘Win’ means a festival we attended and collected award(s), ‘Loose’ means we attended but did not win an award (though around 15% of these are […]

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