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Plotagon #LondonSWF

In a corner of the Final Draft marquee there was to be found a little area of fun hosted by Plotagon. It’s a new software centred around writing that simply takes your story along with the aspects of action, sound, effects etc. you input, and automatically animates it on screen with sets, actors, camera angles […]

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Could you shoot your next project with stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cinematography?

One of the problems with any image capture system, be it film or digital, is that of the available latitude. That is, the difference between absolute black and absolute white – latitude. This ‘scale’ is measured in photographic ‘stops’, (aka ‘F stop’ or ‘T stop’). As a film maker you will be familiar with these […]

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AppleTV software

Santa has brought me an Apple TV!

Santa came early for me this year. I was given a shiny new and lovely Apple TV as a gift from Lucia, and I am rather excited! I asked for it early as I wanted it up and running before Christmas so that if there was a problem, I can get it sorted before everyone […]

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